Smart Lock Not Working? Here’s What to do

For proper operation, locks require careful assembly. Some common installation mistakes include over tightening screws and not using the correct washers. Incorrectly tightening or loosening a screw can disrupt the lock’s operation. 

If the device is installed properly, here’s what you can do when the smart lock is not working:

Check your connectivity

Ensure the smart lock is installed correctly and synced with your mobile device. If resetting or repairing your lock does not solve the problem, try restarting the device you use to connect to the smart lock. You can also reset your modem and router by disconnecting and reconnecting the devices.

Bluetooth connectivity issues are the most frequent cause of a smart lock not working. Resetting your hardware or configuration settings on your home network may solve the connectivity problems brought on by the rise in traffic.

Disable Other Devices Under Google Location Reporting

If you have more than one Android smartphone or have recently switched phones, the location data from the other device may conflict with Trusted Places resulting in a smart lock not working.

Detach Other Google Accounts on the Device

Smart Lock may access your location using the incorrect Google account if you have multiple accounts set up on the same device. Google Apps or G Suite accounts may not permit Smart Lock functionality, depending on your administrator’s settings. The only thing to do is delete any other Google accounts you may have set up on your phone.

Check if the device is out of batteries

Your Google smart lock should be able to notify you via your Google account when its battery life is getting critically low. But not receive the alert if the Android phone and the smart lock system didn’t communicate properly. You need only switch out the batteries in the lock’s remote and try again by entering the Google app’s code to unlock the door.

Make Sure Play Services Access Permission

Google Play Services is a system app that supports all of Smart Lock’s functionality. For Trusted Places to function, this app must have access to your device’s current location.When Smart Lock is activated, Play Services needs Modify System Settings permission to bypass the lock screen and access your device.

To provide Play Services this access, open the Settings app and type Modify System Settings into the search bar. Choose Google Play Services from the menu and switch it on if it isn’t already.

You can reset the smart lock by clearing data on Google Play Services and turning off Trusted Locations. Taking the batteries out of the safety and returning them will reset the lock. Doing so should restore the lock’s functionality by erasing all stored information.


Many homes are beginning to benefit from the introduction of smart locks. However, they risk malfunctioning like any other piece of technology. A smart lock’s failure to operate can be due to several factors listed before. However, you can call a locksmith to help you in many ways and quickly fix the smart lock issue if you want to reduce the tension.

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