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Smart Technology Tips to Secure Your Tampa Home

Adding smart technology into your living space not only makes your life easier, but it also can make you more susceptible to security issues. Sure, having the lights turned on with voice command or using an app to control your home climate, lighting, and even your oven seems like it would have no drawbacks, but hackers think otherwise. Look no further for our top tips on how to secure your Tampa home with smart technology.

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Proper setup

Our first tip for securing your smart home devices is to properly set up your router. Think of your Wi-Fi router as the open window to your smart home devices. Cybercriminals are looking for easy ways to hack your devices, and your router is the first place they will check when they’re trying to break in. Some tips for setting up your router in a secure way include:

  • Change the routers default name
  • Select a unique password
  • Use the highest level of encryption

Separate your network

Next up, it’s important to set up separate networks for your smart home devices. Many routers allow you to set up a guest network, which can be utilized specifically for your smart devices. This helps keep your smart home secure by ensuring friends and family who go on your network won’t see these devices, and also it will help keep hackers at bay.

Up to date

Keeping your devices up to date is the best practice when securing your home with smart technology. Wi-Fi routers don’t always automatically update. Updates often include essential security that will enhance your network safety. Because these updates are often not automatic, it’s important every quarter or so you look to see if there are any updates needed. It’s also important you keep your smart devices and apps up to date to ensure maximum security.

Multi-factor authentication

If possible, you should enable multi-factor authentication on your smart devices to ensure security. Multi-factor authentication simply means that there is a second layer of protection beyond your password. This second layer could be a one-time pin number or an additional proof of identity. Having this second layer of protection to your home network will help keep pesky hackers out and ensure your home is secure.

We hope you’ve found our tips on how to secure your Tampa home with smart technology enlightening. Keeping smart devices secure from cyberattacks is key to enjoying all the wonderful benefits smart devices can bring to our daily lives. If you plan to outfit your space with smart technology, you also must plan to dedicate some time to maintaining the device’s security.

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