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Did you notice how popular Smithfield Foods’ Death Star is? Find all the details in this post.

Have you seen the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest live? What was the surprising outcome of this event?

Nathan’s Famous, a fast-food American restaurant that specializes in hot dogs, is very popular. There are 198 locations across the country, including the United States and Canada. It was established in 1916 and hot dogs are primarily manufactured by Smithfield Foods, a subsidiary of China’s WH Group.

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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2022

Nathan’s Famous holds its annual Hot Dog Eating Contest every Fourth of July at the original Coney Island location. This contest has been running since 1970s and its winners include Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo.

Joey Chestnut claimed the title in 2022 by eating 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes, and throwing a protestor into a chokehold.

The video became viral in United States and other countries. People are sharing their reactions.

Smithfield Star Foods has been frequently in the news. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was also disrupted. Three protestors disrupted the event to draw attention to cruelty and animal abuse at Smithfield Foods facilities.

Smithfield Foods:

Smithfield Foods was founded in 1936 and is the largest American pork-producing or food-processing company. It is an independent subsidiary to WH Group.

Smithfield Foods, which owns over 500 farms in the USA, is the largest producer of pork and pig meats in the world. The company has been accused in the past of many crimes. Smithfield Foods was among those that were exposed to cruelty to animals, pollution, and abuse of workers.

What is Smithfield Death Star ?

At Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, three protestors (DxE activist) were dressed up as Storm Troopers and Darth Vader from Star Wars. They held signs that read: “Execute Smithfield’s Death Star.”

The Death Star compares America’s largest pig farm with the Star Wars mega weapon. DxE claimed that Smithfield’s Death Star was Beaver County’s factory farm. According to some investigations, the company is causing horrific cruelty to pigs. Social media is flooded with posts and tags titled Expose Smithfield Deathstar.

People’s Reaction:

Many people are speaking out about Smithfield Foods’ cruelty and abuse in its farm facilities. However, others couldn’t help but laugh at Joey Chestnut’s attempt to put one protestor in a chokehold because he interrupted the contest. Social media users have been asking questions about Smithfield Foods’ Death Star, and requesting that PETA reveal it.

The activists who had disrupted the event were taken into police custody, and later released. However, they are still facing criminal trespass charges.

Final Words

Smithfield Foods death star is trending due to the disruption at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

For more information about Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you can visit this Twitter post. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece of news!

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