Snopes New Profile Pic App What is the Snopes Fact Check for New Profile Pic App?

The guide provides details on Snopes ‘ new profile picture App fact-checks to assist users in making the right choice.

Are you using the latest application to change your profile picture? New Profile Pic App? If so then this article is perfect for you. The New Profile Pic App is an app for smartphones that claims to improve and modify your profile picture on social media quickly.

The application has a lot of users from The United States, Australia and in the United Kingdom. However, some claims and posts suggest that the app to be a fraud. To make the situation easy for customers, has come forth with the new Snopes profile Photo App review.

About and Reports for New Profile Pic App! provides an on-line site to conduct fact-checks. It conducts extensive investigation and analysis to verify the accuracy and credibility of various portals and apps. It’s a fact-checking service that confirms myths and misinformation and claims to clarify things for the users.

Following the success of the changing profile photo application New Profile Pic, many myths, misinformations and assertions were made by users. Thus, takes pride in investigating the credibility and the truth of these assertions.’s reports have confirmed that all claims were fabricated and based on no evidence.

What is the Snopes Fact Check for New Profile Pic App?

The application was soon well-known among the world’s population there were rumors and misinformation being circulated. With regard to the rising popularity of the application, and the related assertions, analyzed the truth and the facts. According to the report of the website below are some worthy of noting facts.

  • The assertions about this New Profile Pic App is being encased aren’t true.
  • The app requires permission just like other popular applications.
  • There are many assertions that the program steals data but there is no proof to support them.
  • There are many other applications that have similar names. According to the Snopes Profile Picture App fact checking the app is not affiliated with the original application.
  • The software is developed by a firm based on the British Virgin Islands, and it is developed by developers from around the globe including Russia.
  • The assertions that the app is able to steal money once it has been installed on the device are not supported since there is no evidence to back up the claim.

These are just a few of the fact-checks performed by

Is New Profile Pic App Legit and Safe?

Before installing the app for your device, be aware of what Snopes’s new Profile Photo App fact check claims. After conducting fact-checks on We have discovered several important facts.

  • There is no evidence to back the assertions and misconceptions presented by different users.
  • The application isn’t from an unknown company, as it was developed and backed by Informe Laboratories Inc and Linerock Investments Ltd holds its copyrights. The developer has two fully functional applications, with more than 150M installations.
  • The spokesperson for the App has stated that the app does not keep user’s data and is secure to use.


I hope you now know what Snopes’s new Profile Pic App fact-checks. The well-known developer behind two applications endorses the app. It isn’t clear if there is evidence to back the assertions made by users. But, it is important to remain aware and take the required precautions when using the app. Check out all the fact checks prior to using the application.

What do you think of the New Profile Pic App? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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