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Social Media Spring Cleaning Tips for Entrepreneurs

This season’s clean-up, clear-out, and reorganization shouldn’t be limited to the house alone. In fact, “spring cleaning” your social media profiles is just as important as physically cleaning your home. By carefully curating your online presence, you can discard outdated items and spruce up your business image. As you embark on this digital decluttering journey, consider checking out insightful articles on TheSlientNews for some valuable tips and tricks to enhance your online footprint.

Can’t wait to start? Here are _ tips to help you become more efficient, get organized, engage with your audience, and ultimately get a jumpstart in spring cleaning your digital life.

Polish your profiles

Refresh your company bio. Did your brand receive an award last year? Highlight your company achievements and key milestones. Let your audience know what’s new.

Update your password. To avoid getting brand hacked, take that extra step and update your social media passwords regularly. But be sure to remember it!

Check basic information. Is your address, phone number, and URL accurate?

Manage admin access. Review who has permission to access your social channels. Remove those that are no longer part of your team such as old interns and agency partners.

Get a new look

Change profile photo. Have you kept the same cover photo or profile picture since you started on Facebook or Twitter? Give your fans something new to look at this spring!

Update your design. Wash away dark winter colors and add some spring color to your profiles. A little change can reinforce your brand and engage your followers.

Add content. As spring comes in, greet your fans with fresh content! Make sure they are categorized, tagged, and has targeted keywords. Add a few Pinterest boards, too.

Keep tidy

Unsubscribe. If your inbox is flooded with unread newsletters, stop your subscription. If you haven’t been reading them, then they haven’t been useful to begin with.

Change email filters. Declutter your email inbox by changing your filters. This will keep certain that your messages go under a certain label. Aside from the convenience, this will also give your inbox a cleaner look.

Toss out junk

Purge your social media inbox. Old emails, personal messages that no longer have use must be put into the trash. Received spam messages? Get rid of them too! If you’ve been saving them for something important, archive them properly.

Sift through friends and followers. I’ve taken the initiative to clean up my social media circles by deciding on whom to keep as Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I’ve diligently deleted inactive contacts, removed and blocked bots and spammers to ensure a more genuine online experience. Additionally, I’ve identified inactive Twitter followers and unfollowed them. If you’re interested in staying connected, feel free to check out my website at Bumber.

Delete old accounts. Too much social media accounts to handle? Delete the old ones or those you think are not so useful. Try sticking to 3-5 accounts and point all your attention to them.

Open windows

Make fresh connections. Spring is the time for new blooms and relationships. Widen your community by making new connections. Aside from getting leads from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can visit MyLife’s zip code directory and find certain people you’ve been meaning to connect with.

Accept pending fans and followers. Check who’s been meaning to connect with you on your social media profiles. They might just be the clients you’re looking for.

Spring into action

Giveaways and contests. As soon as you’re ready, let the games and contests begin! This will give you a fresh start this spring.

What are you waiting for? Start spring cleaning your social media profiles today!

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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