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SolScan Overview- Uses, Features and Top Alternatives

As crypto space continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to have effective and efficient tools to navigate as well as understand the blockchain ecosystem. Solana, is a high performance blockchain, has gained immense popularity and is also user-friendly. SolScan is a blockchain explorer tailored for the Solana network, is one such tool. In this article, we will provide an overview of SolScan, its uses, features and explore the top alternatives to help you make informed decisions in your journey through the Solana blockchain.

What is SolScan?

Before we delve into the features and alternatives, let us start with the basics: What exactly is SolScan?

SolScan is a blockchain explorer that is designed to specifically explore Solana network. In simple terms, a blockchain explorer serves as a window to the blockchain world, providing an interface for users to access and interact with blockchain data. SolScan offers a user-friendly web-based platform, that enables individuals to explore, verify, and analyze various aspects of the Solana blockchain.

Importance of SolScan

SolScan is a valuable resource for anyone involved in the Solana ecosystem for several reasons:

Transaction Holding and Tracking

SolScan allows users to track transactions on Solana Blockchain. This feature is particularly useful in the verification and status of initiated transactions and monitoring the movement of SOL and other tokens.

Account Information

You can access detailed information about specific Solana addresses, including their account balance, transaction history, and the tokens they hold. This feature is essential for users who wish to review their holdings and assess other Solana accounts.

Validator Data

Validators play a pivotal role in the security and stability of the Solana blockchain. SolScan provides information on active validators and their performance metrices and offers insight into the network’s health.

Token Data

If you are interested in the tokens and assets, on the Solana blockchain, SolScan offers a comprehensive overview of various tokens and their market data, including data on token holders, recent transfers and more.


Users engaged in staking SOL can utilize SolScan to gain insights into delegation data, monitor their staking activities, view rewards, and track the validators they have chosen to delegate to.

Programs and Contracts

SolScan provides detailed information on smart contracts and programs, deployed on the Solana network, a valuable source for developers and anyone interested in knowing the smart contracts landscape on Solana.

Historical Data

SolScan maintains a historical record of past transactions, and activities on the Solana blockchain, making it possible for users to analyze trends and events over time.

Navigating SolScan

To make the most of SolScan, you need to know how to navigate the platform effectively. Here is a step-by-step-guide:

Accessing SolScan

To begin your SolScan journey, visit the official website at. You do not need to create any account or download software—it is a public tool accessible to everyone.

The Search Bar

The SolScan homepage prominently features a search bar. This is your entry point to explore the Solana blockchain. You can enter a Solana address, transaction hash, or token name here.

Account Information

For specific Solana account details, enter the account address in the search bar and press “Search.” SolScan will display the account’s balance, transaction history, and associated tokens, providing a comprehensive view of the account’s activity.

Transaction Tracking

If you want to check the status of a particular transaction, input the transaction hash into the search bar. SolScan will furnish the information about the transaction, including sender and recipient addresses, timestamps, and confirmation data.

Token Information

To access the details about a particular token on Solana network, input the token’s name into the search bar. SolScan will display the token’s contract address, holders, recent transfers, and other pertinent data.

Validator Information

For those interested in Solana’s validators, you can search for them using their validator’s address. SolScan provides performance metrics, voting power, and additional data to assist in assessing validators.

Staking Information

SolScan maintains a list of programs and contracts deployed on the Solana network. You can explore their details, and related transactions, to deepen your understanding of Solana blockchain’s smart contract ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

SolScan maintains a listicle of programs and contracts deployed on Solana network. You can explore their details, and related transactions to deepen your understanding of Solana blockchain’s smart contracts ecosystem.

Explorer Tabs

SolScan’s website offers multiple tabs that cater to different types of information including “Transactions,” “Accounts,” “Tokens”, “Validators,” “Staking,” and “Programs.” These tabs are simply used for navigation, allowing users to focus on specific aspects of the Solana blockchain.

Top Alternatives to SolScan

While SolScan is an excellent tool for exploration of Solana blockchain, it is important to consider alternatives, as they may offer features or interfaces that better suit your specific needs. Here are some key top alternatives to SolScan:

Solana Beach

While SolScan is an excellent tool for exploration of Solana network. It provides comprehensive data on Solana transactions, accounts, tokens, and validators. Users can access historical data and gain insights into network performance.


SolFlare is not just a blockchain explorer but also a user-friendly wallet for Solana. It offers an integrated solution for management of SOL and other tokens, while also providing explorer transactions tracking and account information.


SolStake focuses on primary staking activities within the Solana network. It offers detailed data on staking rewards, validators, and delegation of information, making it an excellent choice for those interested in Solana staking.


Solape is a blockchain explorer with an analytics platform for Solana network. It provides in-depth data and analysis tools for exploration of Solana blockchain, including information on tokens, accounts, and transactions.

Solana Explorer

Operated by Solana team, the Solana Explorer offers an official view of the Solana blockchain. It provides a user-friendly interface for exploring transactions, accounts, tokens, and validators. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer to rely on official resources.


SolScan is an essential tool for anyone with the Solana blockchain. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, developer, investor, or validator. SolScan provides the insights and data you need to make informed decisions in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies. It is a window to the Solana blockchain’s inner workings, offering transparency, verification, and analysis.

However, it is also worth exploring the alternatives mentioned above to see if any better fit your specific needs and requirements. The growing crypto ecosystem around Solana blockchain provides users with unique features and strengths. Whether you choose SolScan or one of its alternatives, these tools will be your trusty companions as you navigate into an exciting and dynamic world. 

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