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Some good reasons to eat cannabis seeds

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is undoubtedly a way to stay healthy, but in recent years, we have been learning about superfoods such as chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds…

But what about cannabis seeds? Can they be eaten without getting high? Do they have any interesting health benefits?

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We invite you to discover all this in this article and you can find high-quality feminized seeds online at the best online cannabis seeds retailers, such as Zamnesia.

Cannabis seeds: a Superfood that won’t get you high

Like many people, we aspire to a healthier life, returning to ecological and ethical values, which come through well-being and the food we eat. Maybe we’re not vegetarian, but we have greatly reduced meat consumption and we are very careful about the traceability and origin of what we consume.

Some people also started eating seeds of all kinds: chia, sesame, squash, poppy… Whether sprinkled on a salad or added to yoghurt or muesli in the morning, we season these seeds with almost everything!

Someone loves the crunchiness they bring and for someone else they will have a spicy flavour. Others can create tasty desserts, using, for example, chia seeds: mix chia seeds and milk to cover them, leave to rest for 30 minutes to have a flan texture and tell us about it! 

In short, already many people discovered a passion for seeds. 

Besides, you can now easily find and buy hemp seeds at the grocery stores and there are more and more great places and sites where you can buy cannabis seeds online and legally.

Marijuana seeds won’t get you high

Hashish, weed, joint, marijuana, Mary-Jane… so many names to talk about the cannabis drug… but hemp is a harmless plant that produces an active psychotropic substance when it matures: THC.

We will start by reassuring you (or disappointing some others): no, cannabis seeds are not drugs and will not get you high.

This famous THC has “high” effects on the brain and is finally prohibited by law in the UK and most Europe. 

However, hemp is also known for its other soothing and calming active substance: CBD. It is not illegal and is even sold in various forms or integrated into cosmetic products or food supplements. In cosmetics, we also use more and more hemp oil, which would also have soothing properties for the skin.

In short, there is not only bad in cannabis. There is also good to extract from it (in every sense of the word for once). 

Many people confessed that, because of its bad reputation, they hesitated for a long time to use products such as hemp oil or CBD when they are guaranteed without THC (or at an almost undetectable infinitesimal level), without psychotropic effect, so they are safe. 

So, if you’re looking for all the beneficial health effects of the plant but don’t want to get high, cannabis seeds are the way to go. They offer an array of benefits with no psychoactive side effects.

Cannabis seeds: a gluten-free, vegan protein

Besides being vegan and gluten-free, hemp can also be grown sustainably, which ticks a lot of boxes for many demanding people on their consumption and ecological impact.

Hemp seeds are amazing for providing easily digestible protein, with just 100 g of seeds providing 64% of the recommended daily protein value for adults. In addition, its protein content is easily comparable to meat, eggs, dairy and soy.

Hemp seeds are also very versatile when it comes to eating and cooking them, so you’ll never have to repeatedly eat the same bland food!

Ingestion of cannabis products

When cannabis is ingested, 90-95% of the THC it contains is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and then transported to the liver via the portal vein. A large proportion of the THC is inactivated in the liver (to carboxy-THC) before it can reach the site of action in the brain. 

After this “first pass” through the liver, THC and hydroxy-THC (both psychoactive) that have not been inactivated to carboxy-THC (non-psychoactive) is pumped through the heart to the brain and periphery. The bioavailability of THC by ingestion is about 4-12% and varies significantly between individuals.

Where to buy the best cannabis seeds?

We do not yet claim to give you all the good addresses, but we found the information interesting to share.

If you want to test the best cannabis seeds available in the UK, online marijuana seed purchase site, has become the British and European reference. It brings together a selection of high-quality seeds and a set of advice and helpful information to guide you better.

On the other hand, the story does not say if these seeds can germinate and give a plant… but that does not concern us personally. As stated above, we want to have beneficial effects for health but not the THC.

So, what are you waiting for? Cannabis can be bought legally throughout the UK, and you can now access the best online marijuana seeds suppliers!

Also, thanks to the European and British regulations, you can fully and legally enjoy the cannabis seeds selection – from BSF seeds from the US – imported and distributed by the best online retailer and its trading company in the UK, ready to ship your order within 24 hours.

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