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Some of the Best 1.5 Ton AC To Buy at a Reasonable Price in India

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Mid-summer is when most individuals experience maximum discomfort as temperatures keep soaring in the urban environments, often reaching 36-37 degrees Celsius, with rural environments no different. It becomes essential to pick the right air conditioner that best suits one’s needs. 

Thankfully, 1.5 ton ac price is now a lot more affordable. That being said, here’s good news; we have formulated a guide that will make purchasing an air conditioner easier and a hassle-free experience for you. In this guide on the best air conditioner models, we have focused on cooling capacities, what the air conditioner is built for, filtration capability, the coolant in use and some of the most advanced and recently introduced smart features that have become common.

Blue Star 1.5-ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star ACs boast precision cooling that operates on advanced fuzzy logic and an ultra-wide microprocessor-based controller. It enables the AC model to vary operating frequency and guarantee precise temperature control. The feature also prevents indoor temperature fluctuations.

These air conditioners deploy Brushless DC motors that are inherently more reliable than conventional engines. While delivering a high rotational speed, these motors make little noise. 

Therefore, users can expect uniform and high cooling performance from Blue Star AC models, even in extreme summer. Some of the other benefits this model offers include:

  • A dual user setting 
  • Uniform cooling performance with power-saving features
  • Maintains uniform internal temperature control

LG 1.5-ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, LS-Q18PNXA 2021 Model

This LG air conditioner features a copper condenser and evaporator pipes with an ocean blackfin protection layer. The advanced features protect the appliance against corrosion, especially in areas that are located closer to the sea. It enhances durability levels and also extends the appliance’s lifespan significantly.

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The R32 refrigerant, with its zero-ozone depletion and the lowest global warming potential, is one of the ideal choices. In comparison to R410A and R22, the refrigerant is the most eco-friendly refrigerant. Hi-grooved copper tubes can enhance the oscillation levels and, at the same time, increase refrigerant agitation for delivering high-speed cooling.

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If there are issues with the ACs functioning, Smart Diagnosis can come to the rescue by highlighting and communicating with the LG service centre personnel. However, one needs a compatible smartphone and a smooth Wi-Fi connection to use the feature. The best part is that this model is pocket-friendly and one can also avail of exciting offers on the 1.5 ton ac price.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC 

When a user has other electrical devices connected to a shared electrical circuit, the Daikin AC functions stably and reduces significant power consumption. Besides, the power chill feature of this AC ensures that rooms cool quickly regardless of the temperature outside. This AC model also guarantees airflow optimization per the noise level, resulting in uninterrupted comfort. The presence of the in-built stabilizer is a blessing. This feature helps tackle extreme voltage fluctuations. Some of the major advantages of this air conditioner are as follows:

  • Silent operations
  • Energy saving
  • Can perform consistently even during voltage fluctuations
  • Stable performance

Panasonic 1.5-ton 5-Star Twin-Cool Inverter Split AC

Panasonic AC models are among the most durable appliances in the niche. Most of the brand’s 1.5 ton ACs come with 100% copper tubing. These protect the condenser from corrosion. Besides, it also provides a Blue Fin Condenser, which is a corrosion-free coating that ensures extended life of the appliance. The air conditioner also boasts Eco Touch, a rust-resistant casing. 

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This feature protects expensive components from damage brought about by weather elements. 

Yet another exciting feature of this AC is the Jet Stream technology. This unique technology is capable of ensuring powerful and uniform cooling. This air conditioner can perform stably without support from any external stabilizer because it can tackle voltage fluctuations coming in the range of about 100V up to 290V. Some of the advantages include;

  • Wi-Fi connectivity that allows operating AC from any time and anywhere
  • Jet Stream enables enhanced airflow even for long distances
  • One of the most durable and long-lasting ACs available in the Indian market
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Sanyo 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC 

This Sanyo AC model boasts a self-diagnosis feature. This helps to display error codes on the temperature display to make troubleshooting the issue a hassle-free experience. The sleep function helps to adjust the temperature to provide users with comfortable sleep all through the night. This AC is an environmentally friendly appliance as it uses R32 refrigerant to ensure zero damage to the ozone layer.

Some of the other aspects include a hidden temperature display, timer function, and a significantly higher ISEER rating.

Other advantages of purchasing this model are as follows:

  • Elegant and stylish model and superior performance
  • Value for money
  • In-built air filters that enhance indoor air quality

Be it Daikin or Panasonic; you will get the latest AC models on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. For the customers possessing Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, options like doorstep delivery, No Cost EMI on Zero down payment, and same-day delivery are available. 

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