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Some Unusual Facts About Usual Gifting Flowers

Flowers are seriously one of the most astonishing and beautiful things to exist on this wonderful planet. The unusual colours look like a painting painted by god on a vast canvas called earth. We all adore these brilliantly radiant blossoms and love receiving them even more, but there are specific facts about these beautiful flowers we give and regularly receive that are not at all common and are incredibly interesting. So, if you are a geek like me who wants to know each and everything there is to know, then read on to find out some extraordinary facts about some of the most beautiful flowers that you see everyday.


The one flower that symbolises love is very well known. We all know about the sweet fragrance of the beautiful bud that great writers compare to their loved one’s lips but did you know that roses are actually one of the oldest flowers. The rose fossils found by the archaeologists are as old as thirty-five million years. No wonder we find so many references in classic literature. A more shocking fact is that the oldest rose that is living is almost one thousand years old, growing on a wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.

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We all love this lovely flower, growing on a stem; they make an elegant bunch together. Other than making you happy and changing the look of your home did you know that orchids are also responsible for making your coffee, your perfumes, or even your ice cream? If you like vanilla flavours, then you should be grateful to orchids. Vanilla Planifolia, a species of orchids that are used to make vanilla extract, this flower is also the only type of orchid that’s used in industrial food production.


Against popular belief, gerberas are actually a type of Daisy. These flowers are one of the most preferred ones for decorations and gifting, but did you know that they also emit oxygen, cleans your air, removes toxins and carbon monoxide during nighttime like most flowers do during the day? That is why these flowers are considered the perfect nightstand flowers for a great healthy, goodnight sleep.


The pretty flowers with long petals are extremely beautiful to look at and are actually very popular throughout the globe. Most people also know that the different colours of the said flowers hold different meanings but were you aware of the fact that most of these flowers with radiant colours do not have a fragrance. I know it’s a little hard to believe, but the white and tiger lilies are the only types of these pretty little flowers that emit odour. Despite this fact, you can send lilies online because it’s still remain the most loved flowers solely because of their vibrant colours.


These beautiful flowers are loved throughout the world because they can be found in all the colours of the rainbow. If you think that they are so colourful naturally, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the original natural shade of the carnations was a very delicate pink, referring to the colour names carnation pink. The shades of white, yellow, orange, red, and green were cultivated through very selective breeding, and the shades of blue and purple were achieved through genetic engineering; I bet you didn’t know that so much science goes into making your living room pretty.

Edible Flowers

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The pretty flowers you see everywhere are one of the most loved and adored flowers in the world. They look simply divine but did you know that they taste heavenly too? Yes! Daisies are edible and are actually incredibly healthy. The bud is enriched with Vitamin C and has some cool medical properties like relieving indigestion, stopping bleeding and relieves cough, so next time you see a dairy, save some up for later use.


The pretty flower is available in gorgeous shades and if you have seen a fully bloomed tulip, then consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of people know, but the bloom of tulips lasts only one to two weeks tops. The flower is stunning when it’s open that there are festivals around the world to celebrate the bloom and encourage people to come out and see the flower in all its glory. The tulips also have a fascinating history; there was a time when tulips were considered precious and were as expensive as houses. The tulips were so valuable that some experts believe that they were the reason for the 1637 economic crash. So next time when you receive tulips from someone, do not take the compliment lightly.

Flowers have been a part of our culture and society for an extended period of time, and knowing a little more about them does make you appreciate them a little bit more. Now, you have the option to order flower delivery in Jaipur, or anywhere you want, so take advantage of this service and lose yourself in the heavenly fragrances and mesmerising colours.

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