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Sonic Lost World was launched on the Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft Windows operating systems in 2013. This action-adventure has a lot to offer, including both single player modes as well multiplayer options! Morio Kishimiti directed this product under Sega’s banner while Takao Hirabayashi produced it with Iizuka producing on behalf of Dimps Corporation; who also published its latest installment onto store shelves worldwide from 2015 onward spanning all over terms such at “release date” or even just simply saying something like “a few months ago.”

The game is a side-scrolling platformer that takes place in the Sonic universe. The main character, who must stop an alien tribe named “The Deadly Six.” In order to do this, you’ll have his help from long time partner and friend: Tail! It’s up for grabs whether or not it will be successful though because Doctor Eggman has also been captured by these guys too; however, they aren’t on good terms anymore after some events happened between them recently. Download this game from Gaming Beasts for free.

Overview of the Game

The developers of this game used all the latest technologies that were available at their time to ensure an improved gaming experience. All color schemes and designs in this new release are also quite bright so it can be enjoyed visually by players who enjoy these types of visuals as well. Reviews from critics have mostly been positive too, welcoming yet another installment into what seems like a never-ending story arc where every title just gets better with each new addition!

After two and a half years of hard work, developers have finally finished developing the entire game. The core team from Sonic Colors worked on its sequel -Sonic Lost World- to make better controls for players who enjoy more challenging levels with greater AI enemies in newer gameplay mechanics that require fast reflexes or split-second timing skills (especially during boss battles). After release gamers loved this experience while it maintained popularity as an old favorite among OG gamers today; most people play because they want nostalgia coupled by some fun challenges!


In the latest game from Sega, players control Sonic with a new set of movement and control systems that gives them the liberty to explore all regions in Lost Hex. Alongside this freedom comes responsibility as you must save captured animals by racing across various levels full-speed!

The gameplay combines platforming action while also incorporating exploration for hidden animal friends through puzzles or fighting enemies along your journey – it’s up to player preference which they would rather do first; but one thing is certain: The fast pace never slows down.


Sonic Lost World is a fun, fast-paced platformer for all gamers. The map in this game will leave you wanting more as it’s packed with secrets and intricate levels to explore! Here are just some of its many great features that make it worth playing:

New Moves

Sonic Lost World features an arsenal of new moves that are sure to make gameplay more engaging. The vault and double jump are two examples, but there’s also a faster running speed for Sonic this time around!

Boss Battles

Some levels in Sonic Lost World will be more difficult than others. The player must defeat a boss on every level before they can progress to the next one, and this is accomplished by winning battles against multiple enemies at once–with only an enemy or two allowed per chapter! There are six deadly bosses’ players need contend with throughout their adventure through Mystic Mountain; however, if you manage all these foes successfully there’s still plenty of room left over for gold rings as well so don’t get discouraged too quickly should things seem impossible right off-the bat (which we know isn’t always easy).

New DLC included

DLC can make a huge difference to how gamers play games. For example, in Sonic Lost World players have access to the nightmare zone which is an entirely new level inspired by monsters and quite scary! Most people prefer playing with all of its features included rather than having some parts locked away unless you purchase them separately as DLC – I do too most likely because it’s just fun exploring different areas without knowing what might be around each corner.

ConclusionSonic Lost World PC Game Free Download. Grab this free download and enjoy hours of fun in the world’s fastest hedgehog-filled adventure! is your one stop shop for all things gaming related, so be sure to check it out today!

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