Spaceship War NFT Gaming Perception

Are you enthralled by combating alien creatures to save the world? This post is sure to assist you in accumulating more evidence of a game that is loved by many.

Astronomers from countries like Brazil are stated that there is a lot to discover beyond the universe. In addition, some of us may want to travel to space however, it’s not possible. But, a group of individuals has created a way to experience the space’s experiences by playing a game.

We will explore and address questions about Spaceship War NFT in this article.

Resolving the Game

The storyline of the game revolves around 2080 when certain planets, such as Venus, Earth, Mercury and Mars are in danger. Furthermore, the monsters from the other planets attack other planets to gain the respect of them. To ensure peace, the planets targeted have joined forces and have planned to fight the evils of the “Spaceship War”.

The news reports suggest that the game is linked to that of the Star Wars film; thus it will allow you to play with the fantasy world of space.

Contributors To Spaceship War NFT

Harry Hieu is the CEO of the game, while Bi Nguyen serves as the games CMO. Furthermore there is a 2D creator Kay Doan is the 2D artist. Kay Doan, and the CMM is Jackie. So, let’s wind up the sails even more to understand their perspective behind the game.

Gaming Perception

We’ve discovered that the majority of BSC games have earned a lot of recognition online and are getting attention. Furthermore, BSC games offer different benefits to players however, the most important thing is that they can earn cash to play and accumulate tokens.

So, the game’s volunteers have developed Spaceship War NFT to give players the most realistic combat and gaming experience, while receiving rewards. They are also trying to improve the game’s features so that players don’t feel bored after a while.

The Characteristics of NFT

The game showed five distinct unique characteristics, which makes it different and unique from the rest. Let’s look at these characteristics a bit more deeply.

  • Weapon Enhancement:Through this feature, players can upgrade their weapons by purchasing redundant weapons in order to reduce cost.
  • Reward for Referrals:If you refer the Spaceship War NFT game to a friend you’ll receive 1percent of each capital employed by your.
  • Recover Pool Rewards:You will get 10 percent of every transaction in your pool’s rewards.
  • Automatic Burn FacilityThe game’s in-game currency $SPW is burned to help the players’ needs.

Playing Method

Follow the steps with care for a better understanding of how to play the game:

  • Buy for Spaceships as well as weapons.
  • Select the Monster you want to take on by entering Battle mode. Battle mode.
  • If you prevail in the battle If you win, then you’ll receive tokens worth $SPW.
  • And finally, finally, get the rewards.


This piece about Spaceship War NFT has revealed the details of the origins, owners, and plans in depth. Additionally, we have put together the information related to the game’s playing.

Therefore, make sure to study the platform carefully before committing your time and energy.

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