Special Education School Expulsion in New Jersey& Why You Need an Attorney

Special education school offers numerous opportunities to students with disabilities in New Jersey. The students can interact, learn and do other activities like other students. However, the schools have zero-tolerance policies, and breaching them can lead to expulsion. An expulsion is an awful moment that denies a student the chances and services outlined in the individualized education program. 

Reasons for special education expulsion in New Jersey

The New Jersey department of education prohibits and suspension of preschool students with disabilities. However, significant offenses can result in expulsion in New Jersey. They include bringing a gun to school, which results in the expulsion of at least one year.

Other offenses that result in expulsion pending a decision include:

  • Drug dealing
  • Accumulation of similar crimes or suspension
  • Physically assaulting school staff

Why you need an Attorney

Hiring a New Jersey Special Education School Expulsion Attorney is a wise decision if your child gets expelled from school. Here is why;

  • Support 

Facing expulsion is a traumatizing moment for both the student and the parent. You’ll have a lot going on and need all the support you can get. Special education school expulsion attorney will support you, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything will work out well.

  • Upholding one’s rights

All special education students have rights when it comes to expulsion. Some requests might be new to you, meaning you might overlook them if you represent yourself. An attorney knows the ins and outs of the rights and will ensure your child’s rights are observed.

  • To prevent the school-to-prison pipeline

School-to-prison pipeline is a term that describes a trend that students being pushed out of school and into the legal system. The school will expel your child and make them into a juvenile justice system. You’ll need an expert attorney to help prove and calculate those future expenses. Eventually, your child will grow up in the adult criminal system.  

An attorney will fight to ensure you to ensure the school takes appropriate measures to meet the child’s needs. That could include moving the child into a different class or reviewing the underlying issues causing the behavior.

How to find a special education school attorney online

You can easily find a lawyer online in New Jersey by:

  • Reviewing online listing of attorneys

Many websites offer free reviews of special education school attorneys. You can the various website and compare different attorneys to ensure you’ll get the best.

  • Checking the attorney’s website

The website will tell you more about the attorney. Also, the website will contain reviews and feedback from previous clients. You’ll be able to gauge the level of satisfaction the attorney provides and the success ratio.

  • Utilizing the Condition bar website

The condition bar website will help you find a certified special education school attorney. The website will help you locate a professional attorney, and you can use it to know whether the attorney has been disciplined or sanctioned for malpractice.


An expulsion is a grave issue for a child with a disability in New Jersey. Unfortunately, sometimes an expulsion is inevitable, but an attorney can guide you through the process and advocate for better terms to ensure your child is back in school.

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