Sports fans continue to explore must-have apps


Enjoyed alongside gaming and swiping right on Tinder, people everywhere house an array of useful sports apps on their smartphone devices and tablets. For sports lovers, there certainly isn’t a shortage of viable applications on both iOS and Android devices, some of which provide live score updates, while others offer a fun fantasy-related gaming package. The options are extensive.

Be it for fans of the beautiful game or the sweet science, apps are a fantastic resource that can be loaded up in seconds and enable a passionate supporter to gain an up-to-date glimpse of their beloved pastime. Given the popularity of sport around the world, there certainly isn’t a shortage of impressive apps either, with fans being able to dip in and out of the sporting world as and when they want to. 

The leading soccer-related apps are extremely popular  

For supporters of the Premier League and other major soccer competitions that pull in audiences across the globe, it’s a sport that is inundated with apps dedicated to it. Whether a fan wants to follow the action live while at work, read up on the latest team news ahead of picking their fantasy football team, follow the form guide before looking at some online betting, or simply keep tabs on the latest breaking news, there is an extensive selection of apps that focus solely on the sport. 

One of the best of them is certainly The Athletic, a subscription-based online publication that features some of the sport’s top journalists sharing their respective pieces of content on a daily basis. Goal is another go-to option for many soccer lovers, with the news feature providing an up-to-date insight into football competitions in Europe and around the world, as well as offering great customisation features that fans of specific clubs adore. If you’re partial to the Premier League, though, and particularly enjoy options like Premier League fantasy football, then the Premier League app (PL) is definitely the one for you. As well as selecting your best team each game week, the app also features interviews with players and managers, video highlights, breaking news, and loads more. Other excellent soccer-related apps include Football Manager 2024, SkySports, Score, Flashscore, and BBC Sport

Golf fans have a wide range of solid apps 

With golf app usage being on the rise, there are some superb options in the golfing sphere that are well worth exploring for any passionate golfers out there. Whether you’re keen to follow any breaking news, keep up-to-date on your favourite professional players, follow weather updates, or reserve tee times, there are some impressive apps in this category that are worth housing on a tablet or smartphone device. 

For starters, GPS apps are a favourite tool for many golfers out on the course. Not only do they offer accurate yardages, but they boast a range of other features that can enhance a golfer’s game. One of them is certainly Arccos Caddie, an app that tracks shots and provides accurate feedback on how a player can improve their game. VPAR is another favoured choice in this area, particularly as it offers precise distances on more than 30,000 courses. If GPS apps aren’t enticing enough, then golfers can also explore other favourites like V1 Golf, a golf swing tracking product, as well as Everyday Golf Coach Power, which is essentially like having your very own golf coach in the palm of your hand. Alongside the aforementioned options like BBC Sport and SkySports that provide an insight into the professional golfing sphere, golf fans have a huge selection of apps to choose from. 

Cricket’s popularity has resulted in the rise of apps 

One of the most popular sports around that is followed passionately by people in Asia, the UK, and Australia, cricket is a much-loved pastime that has an array of apps dedicated to it. From apps like Cricbuzz, which contains Indian cricket news, to options like ESPNcricinfo, an application that features video-based content, statistics, and live scores, there are some excellent products in this sporting genre that are being utilized by cricket fans everywhere. 

Also downloaded in territories like India, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Pakistan, cricket really is a global game. As such, the options in terms of well-made apps don’t end there. Fans of the sport can also download apps like CricLine and Cricket Exchange and get up-to-date scores; options like ICC cover both the men’s and women’s games in extensive detail, while World Cricket Championship 3 is an entertaining gaming release to play on the go. 

Fans of combat sports are filled with options 


For fight fans of either boxing or the UFC, there are some well-made products in this area that are accessed on a daily basis for combat sport lovers. In the boxing category, the likes of Shadow Boxing Workout App and PunchLab are solid choices for people training in the sport, while FightScore and The Ring take an in-depth look at things like statistics, opinion-based articles, and loads more. 

If you prefer the octagon cage over the boxing ring, then fans of the UFC and MMA in general aren’t short on apps worth devoting some time and attention to either. The official UFC app is extremely popular, while Spartacus MMA is another fantastic product for people interested in news and events related to Spartacus MMA. Some of the other in-demand apps in this area includes the likes of Tapology, a comprehensive online database of all things MMA, alongside MMA News and FightMetric

The options don’t end there 

With only a handful of sports being covered here, the opportunities for sports fanatics certainly don’t end there. From basketball and fishing, to American football and tennis, sports fans everywhere are continuing to explore a range of must-have apps as sport’s overall package continues to improve in the modern environment. 

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