Spotlight on Sonus Faber: Where Innovation Meets Excellence

The world of audio equipment has undergone massive changes over the years. Recent technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to create sound systems with greater clarity and precision, with crisp, deep bass and crystalline highs.

At the forefront of this movement is the Italian company Sonus Faber, a name synonymous with carefully-crafted sound equipment with a design aesthetic to match. Of course, it can be difficult to distinguish quality products from their cheaper, less-reliable counterparts in a vastly populated marketplace. Fortunately, Sonus Faber has proven its worth over the years, with customers trusting their audio equipment to be some of the best in the industry.

Starting in the wee years of the 1980s, it all began as an ambitious dream for Franco Serblin, who envisioned creating a loudspeaker with two separate compartments for the bass and mid-range drivers. This revolutionary design soon became a hallmark of the brand, and its products quickly received critical acclaim.

From 1983 onwards, the Sonus Faber audio equipment continued to evolve, with each iteration of the speaker design becoming more refined. By 2020, the sheer simplicity and craftsmanship behind the products were a testament to their dedication and passion for creating quality audio equipment.

Their creations are perfectly balanced combinations of traditional craftsmanship, efficiency, and modern technology, resulting in loudspeakers with a level of sound clarity and depth that is truly unrivalled. It’s the same level of dedication that has seen the brand become the trusted choice of audiophiles, music lovers, and sound connoisseurs.

Types of Quality Audio Equipment Offered by Sonus Faber

Diversity is one thing that makes this brand stand out from the crowd, with the brand offering a wide range of devices for both residential and professional use. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a basic speaker system or hoping to build an elaborate home theatre.

High-End Floor Standing Speakers

Kicking things off with the company’s signature product, their range of high-end floor-standing speakers is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting a high sound quality and crystal-clear audio reproduction, these devices are an ideal choice for audiophiles that want to upgrade their listening experience.

Their imposing size and sleek designs are a testament to their ability, crafted from sturdy materials and sporting several nifty features. They usually have two or more speaker units each, with some models offering adjustable tweeters and mid-range drivers for precise sound control.

Other handy additions include auto-sensing inputs, line-level outputs, and crossover settings. These additional customisation options offer greater control over the sound, allowing users to fine-tune their speaker system for optimal performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to classical music or hard rock – creating an immersive soundscape is now easy with the brand’s floor-standing speakers.

You can place these devices in any space, as their designs are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Many of them come with a detachable grille cloth that can conceal the speakers, while some models even feature wheels for increased portability. Seeing how bulky these speakers can be, it’s nice to have the freedom of movement.

You’ll find placing these models at the centre of the room to be the most effective way to achieve an optimal soundstage. But, you can also position them against the walls for a more directed listening experience. The former arrangement is the preferable option if you’re looking for immersive audio reproduction, as it spreads out the sound waves evenly throughout the room.

Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

For those looking for a more compact system, the standmount or bookshelf speakers are a great alternative. They’re designed to fit into tight spaces, with their petite size being an ideal solution for home listening.

Despite their diminutive stature, these devices still pack a punch. They offer a well-balanced frequency response, with high-end treble and midrange clarity that’s just as impressive as the floor-standing models.

When it comes to convenience, they can be mounted onto stands or shelves for easy placement, while their discreet designs make them fit perfectly into any home décor. They also come with a range of adjustable settings, so you can tweak the sound to match the layout of your room.

Centre Channel Speakers

This speaker model provides an effective solution for building a surround sound system. As the name suggests, these units are designed to be placed in the centre of a room, with the sound directed towards the listeners.

The overall audio quality is immaculate, with a wide soundstage and crystal-clear clarity that’s sure to please. Similar to the floor-standing models, they also come with adjustable settings for customised sound control.


No home audio setup is complete without a subwoofer to provide powerful bass. This kind of speaker can deliver low-end frequencies that traditional speakers can’t reach.

At the heart of this model is a built-in amplifier designed to reproduce bass tones with incredible accuracy, while the frequency range can be adjusted to match any music genre. From hip-hop to heavy metal, this device is sure to give your music an extra kick.

Multi-Channel & Home Theater Systems

For cinéphiles, Sonus Faber has created a specialised range of multi-channel and home theatre systems. These systems are typically comprised of up to eight individual speakers, with each one being optimised for a specific sound.

The result is an all-around rich experience, with cinematic soundscapes and a detailed frequency response. Each speaker is also designed to work in harmony with one another, creating an enveloping soundstage to captivate listeners.

High-End Amplification Systems

On their own, speakers can only do so much. For most people, getting an amplifier is a must if they want to enjoy the full range of features offered by the brand’s products.

These amplifiers are capable of providing up to 200 watts of clean power, allowing you to adjust the volume with precision. There are also several different sound modes available for customised listening, allowing you to tailor the sound to your liking.


Last but not least, the brand offers several accessories to customers who want to upgrade their audio setup. This includes stands, wires, and room treatments—all intended to enhance the audio.

The stands are designed to keep your speakers firmly in place, while the cables ensure that all audio signals are carried without distortion. As for the room treatments, there are acoustic panels that absorb sound reflections, creating a balanced soundscape throughout the room.

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