Spring Home Decor Ideas

With blustery winter out, and sunshine spring in, you may be feeling like your home needs a change as well. The spring season can leave you feeling like you’re ready for a new start. Look no further for our top spring home décor ideas to get your place feeling fresh.

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Our first recommendation for spring home décor ideas is to incorporate trending colorways and tones into your design. Generally speaking for 2023, the trending colors are earth tones including rich browns and shades of dusty pink. These colors will give your space the facelift it needed to bring you into 2023. A spring-specific shade to incorporate is indigo.

Indigo offers a coastal, casual aesthetic that screams spring while remaining on trend with the natural, earthy nature of the shade.

Bold area rugs

Our next spring home décor idea is to add a bold area rug to your space. Area rugs not only are great at defining spaces in open-concept layouts, but they also can ground your room with an inviting and bold design. Try selecting a rug that offers a dynamic shape, exciting texture, or fun color. Not only do area rugs make for great design elements, but they offer wonderful function and comfort in your home.

Fresh and fluid

Bringing the outside in has been a major interior design trend over the last few years. Playing into this idea, our next pick for spring home décor is to have fresh-cut flowers and foliage around your space. This is a great way to add life and color to a neutral home. Plus, ever-changing arrangements can make for a fun way to spice up the look of your space on a regular basis. Some of our top tips for arranging flowers at home include:

  • Remove leaves and foliage that will sit below the water level
  • Always cut flowers at an angle
  • Refresh your water daily (and make sure your vase is clean)
  • Incorporate unexpected elements (i.e. branches from outside, artichokes, anything that grows!)
  • Use fresh and in-season flowers for the prettiest results

Eccentric glassware

Our final idea for spring home décor is to incorporate eccentric glassware into your design. Think of colorful glass pieces to accent your shelving, mantle, and beyond. Try adding height to your display with a tall, colored glass pitcher. You can fill it with your freshly cut flowers and accent them with other colorful glass pieces. These small pops of subtle color will add a spring vibe you cannot deny.

We hope our ideas have left you feeling inspired to give your home décor an upgrade this spring season. Whether you’re making a big move, or just deciding to revamp your space for spring, these ideas will leave your space with an adore-worthy look.

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