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Spring Home Remodel Ideas

There are many spring home remodel ideas that can make a big impact. For example, if you’ve been thinking about adding a new room to accommodate a college student or aging parents, now is the time to do so. Even if you’ve already finished a basement or attic, you can use the warmer weather to finish the project for a much lower cost. While the space may need painting and drywalling, it will add the living space you’ve been lacking. 

If you’re considering putting your house on the market this year, spring is a great time to consider renovating. Many people decide to remodel their home prior to putting it on the market. This is because spring is generally a smart time to sell a house. Spring is an ideal time to remodel a home because it offers the benefit of a rare window of quiet, when it’s safe to devote full attention to a project. 

A spring home remodel idea can also be as simple as adding new windows. If your windows are drafty or difficult to open, replacing them can not only improve the look of your home, but also reduce your energy costs. Changing your windows is also an excellent way to add new light to a room and add curb appeal. Fortunately, spring is still warm enough for this project to be done without a major painting job. The light fixtures can be replaced or updated, too, to update your home. 

The springtime is also the time for colorful decorations inside your home. You can bring nature inside by hanging birds or floral decor. Be sure to use realistic-looking prints instead of cartoon versions. Bright shapes and patterns are also popular spring decorating choices. These colors 

will give your room a more energetic feel and will be a great choice for your family’s home. You can also try painting the walls a new shade of white to bring them in harmony with the new decor. 

If you have a backyard or patio, spring is the perfect time to improve it. A pool or outdoor kitchen is a great way to entertain guests. You can even add an outdoor kitchen and a poolside snack bar! With the warmer weather, the outdoor space can be as beautiful as the inside. Adding an outdoor addition is an excellent way to create more living space, and more time with your family can become a reality. A few simple spring home remodel ideas are: 

Fresh paint or siding can add an aesthetic to your home. If you’d like to add a new outdoor living area, consider a deck or an outdoor kitchen. For low-maintenance home improvement projects, you can consider cleaning gutters, installing a doormat, or reseeding your lawn. You can also add small details like a doormat or porch swing to the outside of your home to make it look more welcoming in the springtime. You can also check out PODS’ home improvement blog to learn more about projects you can do.

Springtime is a good time to check the plumbing in your home as well. Make sure all pipes and water lines are clean and clear. Checking the house for water leaks or clogged drains could be beneficial too. In the fall and winter, tree roots and leaves can fall and clog up drains and the sewage line. Be sure to check and clean any leftover debris from storms and drains. 

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom and perhaps installing a new water filtration system can be a part of a spring remodel idea too. Fresh clean water at the tip of your hands can be a homeowner’s dream come true. Poor sanitation and hygiene can also cause sewage to contaminate water. Sewage contaminated water is a prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses. In fact, diarrhea caused by unsafe water is the leading cause of death for children under five. Microbial water-borne illnesses kill more people each year than war and other causes of death. So, it’s important to find a safe water source near your home. 

While tap water in the United States is generally safe, it’s important to do a thorough research on the quality of the water in your area to ensure that it’s as clean as possible. You can minimize the effects of chemicals and bacteria by purchasing a good filter. Make sure to buy the right filter and install it at the source of water. By doing this, you can ensure that your water is of the highest possible quality. If you are considering a kitchen renovation or installing a new water filtration system this spring, hire a plumber in Geelong to help you with all your plumbing needs. These spring remodel ideas will really give you a new remodeled feel in your home.

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