SR9009: Stenabolic Oral Bioavailability, Dosage, and Results

What is stenabolic oral bioavailability and what is stenabolic in general are quite interesting questions. Today, we will try to answer them in the most simple and clear way possible. You will know almost everything about brand new (still in research) stenabolic by the end of the article and all your friends in the gum will envy you because of how smart you are!

What is SR9009?

SR9009 is always classified as a simple version of SARMs. However, it is completely wrong. SR9009 has different principles of action. While SARMs (Selective androgen receptor modulators) affect special receptors as you can probably guess from the name, Stenabolic SR9009 binds with a special type of protein – Rev-erbα and is a REV-ERB agonist. When it connects with this protein it starts to change our circadian rhythm or biological clocks which are usually synchronized with sunrise and sunset. Stenabolic was discovered by Professor Thomas Barris of the Scripps Research Institute.We should know our heroes by names.

If we regard the working process of stenabolic, we will discover that this mechanism works like a loop that activates and deactivates individual genes. For example, when the main helix is the loop (bHLH) -PAS (Period-Arnt-Single-minded): The CLOCK and BMAL1 genes are activated, the organism subsequently begins to transcribe the PER and CRY genes. We know that you are not a microbiologist, so here is another fact: SR9009 was created to combat sarcopenia, the age-related destruction of skeletal muscle by the body. Connect these two together and maybe you will receive an explanation about what stenabolic oral bioavailability is. Or maybe we just tell you about it straightforwardly later in the text. 

SR9009 Benefits and Results

It can give anything your fat fifth dot may ever wish. Firstly, it won’t be fat anymore. SR9009 is perfect for fat burning. It activates a protein that helps burn fat and sugar in the liver. At the same time, the process of production of fat cells slows down, inflammatory reactions decrease or cease. Without a doubt, you will receive endurance and energy boost. Fat is being burned, releasing tons of energy. Your natural cells are just getting better at what they did their whole life, they just do it at least twice efficiently, giving you all these benefits listed above.    

What Do We Know About Side Effects?

The side effects of this substance are not known at this time (although some people have reported problems with insomnia). Animal studies show that it is completely safe. User opinions still support this hypothesis. Since the stenabolic substance does not affect hormone production in any way, it can be used by women and does not require PCT. Currently, it is considered as safe as, for example, MK-677. But this safeness can be fake one, due to stenabolic oral bioavailability. To be honest, it is very, very low. However, it is not that grim. If everything was THAT bad, people wouldn’t use a Stenabolic, right? Plus, we are talking about stenabolic oral bioavailability and there are ways to improve it (it was checked only on mice, don’t forget that). 

SR9009 Dosage and Cycle

50mg ED is your limit, this is what we know for sure. However, it is hard to tell you when to take stenabolic since there is just not enough data on this drug. Here we can give you only some recommendations and samples of cycles. Here is a beginner’s cycle, just for example: from the first week to fourth start with only 10mg per day, splitted into two equal parts in the morning and before bed. You should note that it is better to wait at least for one hour after your lunch and then take stenabolic. There are some observations that if you eat it after lunch it will lose its effects. 

But back to the cycle. From the fifth to eighth week increase your dose up to 15mg ED, meaning that you should add an extra 5mg dose during midday. As you can guess, there are also intermediate and advanced cycles. We`ll talk about intermediate, the other one you need to google yourself. The main difference between them is the dose and whether you start it low and increase dosage or kick start it with high amounts of stenabolic. Intermediates can run SR9009 for up to eight weeks for the best results. Start with 15mg per day, and increase the dose to 20mg per day on week 5. For the last two weeks of your cycle, bump the dose to 30mg per day. 

How To Improve the Bioavailability

Just add something with high bioavailability, right? What a stupid question, you may think. But as we promised, here are some tips. First of all, use an injectable form of Stenabolic. In this case it will enter your bloodstream without unnecessary obstacles like your liver or digestical system. In addition, yes, you can combine it with other gears, however, you should remember that other compounds have side effects. This can be much more dangerous yet effective for your health, so, be careful. 


No side effects, yet low bioavailability. Good muscles and body, yet risk health. Everything has its price in this world. However, Stenabolic SR9009 has the potential to become a living miracle, which will be able to give you a lean look without killing your time in the gym. It just has a long way to come. 

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