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SS Jemal was born and reared in the Brooklyn region of New York as a 1st generation American technology native. Jemal is the younger adult of 8 siblings and was bound and favored to initiate working at a very young age. He extracted his morals and ethical standards from his extraordinary mother and father and preciously kept the value of his domestic circle in harmony which will always be of paramount importance to him. He originated his commercial career out with numerous display showcases of electronics working as an electronics sales person in his father’s discount store in the Spanish Harlem area of Manhattan. On reaching the age of 14, Jemal had three boutique electronics and records stores in that same Spanish Harlem area as his father’s discount store where he started out.

In 1976, Jemal released his debut “Nobody Beats The Wiz” shop on Fulton Street in area of Downtown Brooklyn. Finally, it cultivated to one hundred ten shops in 6 different states with more than 6,000 workers and sales of $2B. Due to this fast-paced development and cost-mindfulness, after his seventh shop SS Jemal established his proprietary individual in-house building corporation.

SS Jemal employed six hundred tradesmen to construct over 20M sf of retail stores, office space, distribution and shopping centers; whereupon he learned first-hand EVERY aspect of construction, from idea concept-to-completion. SS Jemal had his own specific team of in-household Value Engineers (VE) and CAD architects to efficiently deliver all exceptionally unique architectural plans. Jemal had his personal team of experts attached at the hip to him to create The Wiz into an electronics and music behemoth that was so unique and ahead of its time that all competitors literally paled by comparison. The design, manufacturing, construction and installation process that Jemal led was truly unique in the market place. Jemal’s building expertise and his skill in assembling the best players on his team saved money and time before any architectural plans were completed. Jemal followed a design approach and creating style that reduced price plunders, change guidelines and the inexcusable extras invariably caused.

Not only did Jemal build every Wiz store and shopping centers, but Jemal also furthermore developed, invented and created self-manufactured, factory-made, “knock-down” (KD) components for installation into The Wiz store at lightning speed and rate that no competitor could come close to matching. Jemal pioneered an installation method whereupon he literally had multiple stores in stock before the store was even conceived. Jemal’s pre-fabricated modules, manufactured at his in-house fabrication facility connected the raw construction of the space, with a complete “fit-out” of the space enabling Jemal to produce a finished Wiz product in record time. All of the aforementioned components in a Wiz store or office were designed, manufactured, constructed and installed by SS Jemal with his trained crew of experts. All the resources exploited were bought straight from the novel manufacturers, at wholesale with master-orders and releases along with “preferred nation’s clauses” in all his agreements to save cash. Jemal had all sub-workers bid each work with Time & Materials (T&M), to very efficiently and economically deliver all the resources required for the construction development project. This uniquely exclusive approach of entire perpendicular inclusion of, design, planning, fabrication, manufacturing,  construction administration, in-house tradesmen, total comprehensive fit-out installation provided Jemal unparalleled experience and knowledge on how to build, cost-efficiently, expeditiously and of paramount importance, to regulate and control all phases of the development process from start to end. SS Jemal’s specialties are design, construction, marketing, advertising and brand-building, which are demonstrating to be of countless worth in the planned introduction of the CENTRAL Trademark. The Wiz was the thirteenth most renowned trademarked brand in the USA, while merely existing as a Northeast chain-store, with at place twelve, being the popular global brand Pepsi-Cola. This first-hand familiarity in brand-building and brand-creation helps as the imperious skill for Jemal to shape his next endeavor, CENTRAL, into a Global-class trademark for reasonable extravagance apartments providing to the multitudes of six-figure stipendiaries, instead of solely to multi-millionaires.

After the sale of Nobody Beats The Wiz, In 1997 SS Jemal commenced concentration on waterfront revitalization and development. He commenced by answering to an RFP from RIOC (Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation), for the southernmost tip of Roosevelt Isle, branded as “Southpoint. SS Jemal was the sole individual out of seventy other major development corporations and in contradiction of all odds his dream for Southpoint beat out these very famous and institutional development companies.

Through the years spent on seeking the “NIMBY’s” approval for his massive mixed-use development project, SS Jemal gained invaluable experience and professional contacts which still guides him today on NYC zoning laws, rules, and regulations. SS Jemal additionally and most significantly expanded his network of professionals and experts with New York City centric knowledge, which have now been incorporated into SS Jemal’s new trademarked brand and vision for CENTRAL. SS Jemal branded and created: “The Riviera” trademark with two slogan marks relating to improving the globes waterfront as well as revitalizing it. The Riviera prototype was to accumulate un-exploited tracts of waterfront land mass area and previous marina sites in the region of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and New Jersey and assemble multiple parcels, remediate the contamination, rezone and build waterfront apartments with docks and boat-slips. Starting from the East River area in Manhattan to the Hudson River area in New Jersey, Jemal lived and spent the subsequent 15 years of his life indulged exclusively in residential waterfront expansion.

Currently SS Jemal along with his oldest son Norman S. Jemal and JemRock Organization have trademark pending the brand name: “CENTRAL” and have additionally trademark pending the slogan mark: “Live, Work & Be Well”. JemRock’s CENTRAL Masterplan unveiling will commence in Manhattan as apartment housing conversions in already built structures. CENTRAL will exploit a very rare NYC opportunity to offer “affordable luxury apartments”. JemRock has accumulated an unmatched world-class crew of NYC professional specialists and experts. JemRock has identified a pipeline of existing buildings that flawlessly comport with the CENTRAL prototype and model.

CENTRAL delivers a reasonable choice to the six-figure stipendiary that they could have never expended the money required to reside in a prominent location in Manhattan. CENTRAL will appeal to the extensive large population of six-figure individuals instead of the smaller segment of multi-millionaires, who left Manhattan or heretofore could never even have considered living there. SS Jemal along with his son Norman S. Jemal have spent the four years focused on very studiously analyzing all the statistics and data relative the Manhattan residential marketplace. With demand peaking for apartment rental product and inventory dwindling all through New York City, SS Jemal trusts, now is the best period to fill this void. CENTRAL presents the opportunity to capitalize on this once-in-a-generation window that the Covid 19 pandemic has produced.  As SS Jemal specified: “I certainly do have an extraordinary flow of deals and perception that when united with JemRock’s best-in-class crew, CENTRAL will triumph. A methodically strategically detailed presentation of the CENTRAL Masterplan for Manhattan area will be fully exposed to the general community population and very widely promoted. After original introduction of the CENTRAL trademark in the Manhattan region, the JemRock strategy is to enlarge the CENTRAL footprint into other significant cities in the USA and eventually to the world. This can be skillfully and expeditiously accomplished in comprehensive concert with the CENTRAL Core Team that I have organized and in place”. With the zoning, design, construction, development, advertising and marketing expertise SS Jemal has garnered over many years, coupled with the CENTRAL world-class team in place that Jemal has assembled, JemRock has an entirely vertically assembled team of New York City trained professionals to implement the CENTRAL strategy from notion-to-completion.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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