Staff Augmentation: How to Extend Development Team and Solve Hiring Problems


Staff Augmentation is a process of outsourcing employees to fulfill business requirements. IT staff augmentation is a part of staff augmentation in which high skilled tech professionals are hired to cover the necessary position permanently or temporarily.

The companies or vendors provide these staff augmentation services. Therefore the cost of hiring new skilled employees for businesses gets removed.

According to a survey by Statista number of software developers is going to increase worldwide. Till the year 2024, it will go upto 28.7 million. The below graph showcases the increment of developers from the years 2019 to 2024.

This blog post will help you understand more about staff augmentation and how to extend the development team but first, let’s go through the benefits of IT staff augmentation services.

Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Availability Of High-Quality IT Professionals

IT staff augmentation is a huge benefit of opening doors to distinct skill sets. Since IT professionals are nearly missing, staff augmentation is the perfect option.

By partnering with IT staffing companies, business owners can access the availability of IT professionals with top skills in a specific domain by bringing their knowledge to the company.

You get a highly focused and dedicated development team toward a specific project. The professionals hired through staff augmentation are mainly trained to complete the assigned project successfully in minimal time.

2. Long-Term Flexibility

Staff augmentation allows organizations to hire skilled professionals quickly or on a project basis. It saves a lot of money and helps in growing a risk-free business.

3. Get Faster Project Development

You will always see an urgent requirement for every project completion, especially in the IT sector. Staff augmentation allows companies to avoid HR rounds and start the development process faster.

In addition, HR recruitment is a time taking process, and there’s no assurance that the professional you are looking for gets hired. It might take many days to find a specific skill set to fulfill it.

Staff augmentation assures developers with the skill set required to fulfill the job criteria.

Having access to a variety of information of IT professionals that includes their professional and educational background ensures the right fit for the project. It removes those time-consuming procedures of the hiring process. Here IT staff augmentation plays an important role in providing faster development procedures.

4. Lesser Operational Efforts

Every small business or startup wants to avoid operational costs to minimize the investment cost. Here Staff augmentation companies play an important role in providing operational support to small or large businesses.

In most cases, whenever someone hires professionals from It staff augmentation companies, they do not have to bear the cost of infrastructure ( office ). The professionals work remotely or get the places for working from the companies they are associated with.

Moreover, the hired employees are completely accountable under the staff augmentation companies. Thus, staff augmentation services drop the cost of hiring professionals and reduce the cost of operation. Similar savings can be easily converted into profit.

5. Scalable Staffing Process

After completing projects, the development team hired through staff augmentation can be released. This can reduce the operational cost and help the business grow more.

Developing long-term relations with staff augmentation companies gives you the capability to scale up your workflow during the occurrence of major projects. Once completed, you can also scale down or remove the internal team involved in the project.

Access to these in-demand IT staff augmentation services helps save time and funds required to hire a new development team whenever a special skill is required for a dedicated project.

Difference Between IT Staff Augmentation And Dedicated Development Team

The first and foremost difference between both models is in their intention. In Staff Augmentation, you hire a professional with a specific skill set. Suppose, you collaborate with an outsourcing ReactJS development company for a devoted development team, you get multiple additional skill sets of the various domain that might be helpful in product development.

How To Extend Development Team?

The above part of the blog has provided adequate knowledge on the benefits of staff augmentation and small differences between IT staff augmentation and the dedicated development team.

Now let’s look at ways to extend your development team or how you can solve hiring problems to grow your business and complete ongoing projects.

In House Hiring: This is a common way of expanding your software development team. It’s useful to work only with developers you can completely control and motivate. Hiring young IT professionals can be very helpful for business owners to grow their businesses.

In-house hiring professionals are committed to the work assigned by the company they are hired for Many business owners or HR departments do the hiring process themselves, or they do their research to find top PEO companies and let them do the hiring instead. These companies, besides the hiring process, also manage certain administrative duties, such as payroll, benefits, and other HR tasks.

Outstaffing Companies: Outstaffing companies are among the most popular and preferred options to extend the software development team. It’s relatively accessible for your business if you urgently need a new high-skilled developer or team of developers.

You can directly contact the outstaffing company that provides the best IT staff augmentation services in the market. You’re only responsible for the timely payment of services you are choosing.

Freelance Developers: Choosing Freelancer developers to extend the development team can be a good cost-saving option. A high number of skilled It professionals start their careers as freelancers. Some indeed consider only this format of cooperation with other enterprises because such a model allows them to work independently on selected projects.

Hiring a freelancer with the right knowledge sometimes gets easier than looking for a dedicated specialist. When choosing a specialist, you should understand their portfolio, technology stack, and many more. Hiring a specialist can be a time-consuming procedure; therefore, hiring a Freelancer can be worth considering, depending on your business requirement.

Key Take Away

Staff augmentation in IT companies has moved beyond its commencement phase. It’s universally accepted as an indispensable staffing model, and organizations benefit from it. Millennials or young people prefer this process because they don’t prefer traditional job patterns.

They want to work on dedicated projects that require specific skills or knowledge. Thus, staff augmentation is an effective mediator for business owners to hire employees for a specific amount of time. Bacancy can help you achieve the above benefits with our top skilled and experienced IT professionals. If you are looking for highly professional IT staff augmentation services, then Bacancy can support your business with the right technology and staffing results.

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