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This article gives more information on Stanley Charles Funeral and his involvement in the Touch ministry.

Who is Charles Stanley? How did Charles Stanley pass away? Charles Stanley is the legendary pastor who died this week. The Atlanta Pastorpreached Worldwide. The loss of his pastor makes people mourn and grieve. Learn about the Stanley Charles Funeralarticle for more details about Charles Stanley, the Pastor Charles Stanley.

Charles Stanley Obituary

Charles Frazier Stanley, the famous pastor, died on April 18, 2023, a Tuesday. The age of Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley was 90 years old. His ministry, The Touch Ministries announced the pastor’s death at 7:30 AM. The pastor went to heaven after building an evangelical broadcasting empire. The podium is located at the Atlanta’s First Baptist Church.

People around the globe through Charles Stanley’s Charles Stanley’swide-reaching broadcasts on television and radio. Stanley showed his faith in the ministry following Paul’s note to his supporter from Acts 20:24.

Charles Frazier Stanley’s Funeral Service

Charles Stanley is a Baptist pastor in America. He was a prolific writer, and he was well-known because of the quality of his Christianity preaching and teaching.

But, Charles Stanley passed away this week. His funeral took place on April 22nd, 2023 between from10 am until 4 pm. The world’s population is asked to pay tribute towards the church pastor Charles Stanley at that time.

Charles Stanley was pastored for approximately 50 years. the funeral of his pastor was conducted at the Atlanda’s First Baptist Church. Read to the final page to find out more about the Pastor’s funeral service and how the pastor died.

How Did the Pastor Charles Stanley Die?

Charles Stanley, a prominent preacher, died and has since passed away. Charles Stanley’s death was reported to the general public on April 18, 2023. The preacher Charles Stanley led the Southern Baptist Convention pastor who passed away at age 90.

Touch Ministries confirmed the pastor’s death announcement. In the words of Charles Frazier, Stanley passed in his home on Tuesday, in Los Angeles. However, the reasons for his death weren’t revealed. It is believed and clear that the pastor Charles Stanley died naturally. Click here to learn more about Stanley Charles Funeral and additional details.

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About Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley was born on 25 September, 1932. He was from Dry Fork, Virginia. He served as his Southern Baptist senior pastor of First Baptist Church in America for over 50 years. The year 1971 was the time that Charles Stanley became the Baptist leader, and the church was established to promote the development of the church and Christianity development.

He also shifted to accommodate the growing population of vast central Atlanta urban region. The media covered his life story on Stanley Charles funeral day.

Charles Stanley’s Service

After his incredible growth, the church announced they believed that Charles Stanley was always grateful for his legacy of real leadership and the mystical guidance. In the past, Charles Stanley was extensively known for his teaching In Touch with Frazier Stanley.

Charles Stanley’s Wiki

Charles Frazier Stanley was born in Dry Fork, Virginia, in the United States. The man was also an Alma mater of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of Richmond. He was a pastor and Televangelist. He began his journey within the Christian ministries at 14 years old. Find out more details about Stanley Charles Funeral Funeralin the next section.

In 1969, Charles Stanley joined the member of the First Baptist Churchand was named the senior pastor of this church by.

The year was 1972. Charles Stanley hurled a half-hour program of religious devotion. Then, in 1977, the pastor established In Touch Ministries to lead people towards a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Charles Stanley’s Personal Life

Charles Stanley married Anna John Stanley in 1955. The couple have two sons. Stanley’s daughter is Becky Stanley, and Stanley’s son is Andy Stanley. Andy Stanley is his son. Andy Stanley is North Point Community Church’s pastor, located near Alpharetta. Stanley Charles funeralmakes the world sad. Charles Stanley was a member of in the Moral Majority Board political organization.


Charles Stanley, the founder of In Touch Ministries and the Atlanta First Baptist Church senior pastor, died at the age of 90. Learn more about his funeral as well as the funeral of Charles Stanley at this website .

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