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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 10: What Is The Release Date And Time?

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The third season of Star Trek Discovery is available on Netflix! If you want to know more about the launch of Episode 10, read on! This week’s episode shows the emperor going back in time through the mirror universe to confront his past and try to save himself from a horrible death. He’s dying from all the time travel and the fact that he’s coming from another universe. The Discovery team races against time to find a cure to change Georgiou’s situation.

What Happened In This Week’s Episode?

In episode 9, titled “Terra Firma, Part 1”. The Emperor of the Earth Philippa Georgiou and the mirror universe is the main story. Kovich, an expert in the universe of mirrors, explains to Culber that Georgiou’s condition is the result of a journey through time and space and that there is no cure. But the data from the Sphere of Discovery don’t match. They indicate that a cure for their condition can be found on planet Dannus V. Even if it only increases their chances of survival by five percent. In Dannus V, Michael and Georgiou set out in search of the “cure.”

Meanwhile, on Discovery, Book is eager to help the Federation. But Saru advises Book to wait for the opportunity to prove himself. Adira can isolate a distress signal and get the message across to Stamets, Tilly, and Saru. It’s from a crashed Kelpian ship. Saru is sending Adira and Stamets to find out more.

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In Dannus V, a mysterious man named Carl leads Georgiou back through time and space through a door. In the Universe of Mirrors, it goes back to the day when Gabriel Lorca attempted a coup and Miguel betrayed her. Episode 9 ends with Georgiou sparing Michael’s life by refusing to execute him for treason. You know very well that by doing so you have changed your future. Episode 10 should give a clearer idea of how he did it. See all the information about the launch of Episode 10 of the Third Season of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix!

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What Is The Release Date And Time Of Season 3, Episode 10, Of Star Trek Discovery On Netflix?

The wait is not very long before the end of season 3. The release date for episode 10 of season 3 of Star Trek Discovery has been set for December 18. For those of you wondering what time episode 10 will premiere. The release time for Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 10 on Netflix has been set at 9:01 am.

What Can We Expect From Episode 10?

Episode 10 of the third season of Star Trek Discovery is titled “Terra Firma, Part 2.” And so far, CBS has not released its official synopsis. Judging from the events of the last episode and the promotion for Episode 10, it appears that the Emperor is trying to change the past of the Earth Empire. And this attempt could lead you to create a new timeline.

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