Stasis Dermatitis Ayurvedic Treatment at Home: Home Remedies Based on Ayurveda

Stasis dermatitis also called venous eczema or gravitational dermatitis is a type of eczema. It is a type of skin inflammation that occurs in the lower legs. It is caused by a buildup of fluid in the legs due to impaired functioning of veins that leads to swelling, itching, redness, and scaling of skin under the legs.  It is common in people with poor blood circulation or venous insufficiency.

Stasis dermatitis can be sometimes uncomfortable and can increase the risk of infection. But Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Statis Dermatitis can help get relief from symptoms. The easiest and most effective treatment you can follow is to make changes in your diet and lifestyle and remove whatever is causing the reaction in the body. Now let’s discuss about the causes and symptoms of Statis Dermatisis and effective treatment of Eczema (Statis Dermatitis) in Ayurveda.

Causes of Stasis dermatitis are

  1. Venous insufficiency- It is the common cause of stasis dermatitis. When the valves in the veins of the legs get damaged or weak, then this occurs
  2. Obesity- Ovеrwеight and obеsе pеoplе will bе morе pronе to gеt affеctеd by it as it puts еxtra prеssurе on thе vеins in thе lеgs. 
  3. Aging- The veins in the legs become weak and less elastic as one age. This is one of the causes of stasis dermatitis.
  4. Lack of movement – Prolonged sitting or standing without any movement impairs the blood flow through the veins in the legs, further creating complications.
  5. Blood clots in legs- A history of blood clots in the legs can cause stasis dermatitis.

Symptoms of Stasis dermatitis are

1. Redness of skin- The skin tends to appear red, brown, or grey around the ankles and lower legs.

2. Scaling- The skin becomes dry and scaly.

3. Discoloration of skin- If stasis dermatitis is left untreated then over time the skin color gets discolored and looks like brownish and reddish hue.

4. Swelling and Itching- Swellings in the legs, ankles, and feet are commonly followed by itching on the affected areas that cause discomfort.

5. Crusting- Sometimes, the skin tends to become thick and can develop crusts.

Home remedies for stasis dermatitis

  1. TURMERIC- Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Method- Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 tbs. Of honey. Consume this mixture twice a day.

  • NEEM- Neem is known for its antibacterial properties that help prevent several infections.

Method- Boil a few leaves of neem in water and let it cool down. Use this water to wash the affected parts.

  • HOME-MADE BUTTER — Fresh homemade butter is known for its moisturizing properties that help prevent dry skin.

Method- Application of fresh homemade butter to the affected areas followed by gentle massage.

  • ALOE VERA- Aloe vera helps soothe dry and inflamed skin due to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Method- Application of fresh Aloe vera gel to the affected areas.

  • TRIPHALA- Triphala is a combination of 3 dried fruits namely Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. They contain antioxidant properties beneficial in treating symptoms.

Method- Consumption of  1tsp Of Tripahal powder with warm water. It is recommended to consume twice a day.

  • COCONUT OIL- Coconut oil is popular for ages. From cleaning teeth to getting back lost shine of hair it is used. It also works as a very good moisturizer for eczema-prone skin.

Method- Raw coconut oil application on the skin.

A few tips that can ease your symptoms of stasis dermatitis

  • Moisturize your skin twice a day.
  • Use a mild or medicated soap, body cleanser, and shampoo.
  • Add a few drops of Apple cider vinegar to the bath water.
  • Only lukewarm water showers are recommended.
  • Change your laundry detergent. Use a mild one.
  • Do not wear very tight and rough clothes. Let your body breathe in by wearing loose clothes.
  • Application of Coconut oil to damp skin twice a day.
  • Manage physical and mental stress.
  • Do not scratch the rash. This can worsen the condition.
  • Try avoiding dairy and non-vegetarian food.

Stasis dеrmatitis trеatmеnt at homе with Ayurvеdic rеmеdiеs may hеlp allеviatе symptoms but thеy arе not a substitutе for Ayurvеdic trеatmеnt.  It is important to consult an Ayurvеdic еxpеrt for appropriatе Ayurvеdic trеatmеnt followеd by diеt and lifеstylе changеs. 

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