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Step-by-step guide to finalize wedding venues that fits your budget

  • The choice of outdoor/ Indoor venue

We would all agree that indoor weddings have drastically reduced over the last decade, still, it’s always safe to choose an option that has an indoor venue at least as a backup option. Another advantage of having multiple options is that you can have indoor functions for some events and outdoor events for the main ones. You can choose White Tablecloths in decoration for peaceful look.

  1. The budget, of course 

Some of you feel like spending it all on this dream day, at the same time some others will want to keep things minimal and make most memories out of it. However, setting a budget in both cases is absolutely necessary as it helps shortlist the venue options for that particular budget click here to find out best wedding videographer.

  • That picture of a dream wedding 

Who wouldn’t have dreamt of this day? All of us have a certain picture of how this day is going to be and how it is going to look. So, while choosing the venue always try to foresee if the place fits in that picture you have in your mind. 

  • Availability of the Venue

A big one to consider after all. Once you have screened and shortlisted on the above-mentioned points the very next thing you want to do is find out if the wedding venue in kolkata or in your wedding city is available on your dates or not. Also, remember to book venue first thing after the dates are finalized, this ensures a higher probability of the desired place being available 

  • Accessibility of the venue

Consider the proximity of the venue to the nearest airport, stations and your place of residence to ensure a hassle-free wedding. As the distance increases the number of arrangements increases as well. So definitely choose the venue which is at sniffing distance. 

  • Nearby accommodation to the guests 

If you have guests coming in from other cities, accommodation arrangements also have to be done. One thing is you can choose wedding venues which have accommodation facilities as well, if not at least ensure it is as near as possible. 

  • The capacity of the venue 

The number on your guest list is also a mandate to choose the venue. The capacity of place should reflect that number admirably. It looks odd to choose a big venue for a smaller crowd at the same time it shouldn’t look full to bursting as well. So make this choice such that the place does justice to the crowd. 

  • In house catering 

It’s hassle-free to have in house catering at the wedding venue itself. If you are not specific about any caterers then opt for this option. And if you want to stick on to a particular caterer of your choice then most of the venues have that option as well 

  • Parking space 

As convenient accommodation is a mandate for outstation guests, so is a convenient parking facility for the local guests. Valet services are available these days in most of the places. 

  • Sufficient seating arrangements

You absolutely do not want your guests fighting over the seating spaces so make sure you choose the venue that offers ample arrangements for the number of guests you are expecting.

  • Serving alcohol 

This is often not a problem for most of the venues. However, if you plan to serve alcohol, it’s better to clarify this before finalizing the venue. 

  •  Decor style or theme 

Lastly, if you have already chosen a theme for wedding decoration see if its executable at the chosen venue. It’s easier to initially choose the venue and theme of your choice than changing theme later due to execution issues at the venue. 

Now that’s your ultimate guide and checklist before finalizing the wedding venue. These 12 points will ensure you have an easy-peasy wedding venue selection without having to run around looking at all the available options. 

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