Sticpay: Fast And Reliable Option For Australian Gamblers

Online gambling is a growing culture in Australia as users explore the various ways to have fun online and play to claim some juicy wins. Statistics from the Australian Communications and Media Authority estimate that about 8% of Aussies belong to at least one gambling site. This number also grew during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Australia saw a 16% increase in online gambling during the year.

Sticpay has emerged as a payment solution in Australia and a few other countries and is particularly preferred for its incredible features and advantages over traditional payment methods. It easily addresses issues surrounding fees, processing times, speed, security, etc., and has been a fast and reliable channel for Aussie gamblers to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos.

What is Sticpay?

Sticpay is a London-based payment solution that allows for easy transfer of money without the boundaries of location. The global e-wallet service facilitates international transactions and easily solves processing time and fee constraints. One would usually wait up to two-three days before an international transaction is completed, but it takes about a minute with Sticpay. 

Sticpay payment option allows Australian players to find the best and most secure sites to play in local and even more international sites where they can play for real money. It supports over 30 currencies and has the best commission rates you can find, so you can find your personal best uses for it besides online gambling.

Sticpay also offers other financial solutions with their e-wallet and Stic card, which is a prepaid card that allows you to put it to several different uses online and offline. You can use it in ATMs worldwide, book flights, shop online, and use it like every other card you know.

Payment method is a crucial factor to consider when choosing gambling sites to play on, and as such, sites with the option of Sticpay may pose a slight advantage. Sticpay is a reputable payment solution, and sites with this payment option advertise themselves as a secure destination for gambling. Here are some benefits of using Sticpay for gamblers

High Security

Security contributes hugely to the credibility score of a preferred payment method. Aussie gambles want to have the most fun they can in a secure online casino, win some $A, and be able to withdraw funds conveniently. 

Despite its short time in the industry, Sticpay has built a strong reputation through its unwavering commitment to user protection.

  • Its credibility is validated by the strict Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. 
  • Sticpay values its users’ sensitive information and employs SSL encryption to safeguard it from malicious attacks. 
  • Additionally, Sticpay encourages its users to adopt personal additional security measures like use two-factor authentication, setting a very strong password, and keeping your security details a secret to yourself. 

Fast Payments Speed

Traditional payment methods always make gamblers wait several days before they can withdraw their winnings on a website. So imagine you go on a website to play some pokies and get your winnings out as soon as you’re done. 

Well, that’s hard to imagine without payment solutions like Sticpay that quick transactions. Sticpay takes about a day to move your money from your Sticpay account to your local bank via wire transfer, while several other popular e-wallet providers make you wait up to 3 days.

Low Fees

Part of the fun of winning from gambling sites is not losing a significant amount of your wins as fees when trying to withdraw. Gamblers in Australia have dealt with high transaction fees for quite a while, and Sticpay makes life much easier with its low transaction fees. 

Sticpay has a decent fee of up to 5% on deposits and withdrawals depending on the payment method. Sticpay also gives its users extra discounts when they withdraw to their Stic Card.

Cryptocurrencies Availability

With the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in online gambling sites, SticPay is another payment solution provider that allows users the convenience of using cryptocurrencies in addition with fiat. It allows the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, including;

  • Bitcoin, 
  • Ethereum, 
  • Litecoin, etc. 

This further enables users to maintain anonymity with their winnings should they choose to. Sticpay fee is as low as 1% on cryptocurrency transactions carried out on the payment platform.


Sticpay has become a reliable means of payment across online casinos and several other sites in Australia. The voucher-based payment solution is preferred for its incredible features and advantages over existing alternatives. Check out Sticpay for more information regarding their terms and conditions and begin to experience convenience.

Credit to John from for providing the necessary information that led to the creation of this article. We hope you find them useful.NB: If you or anyone you know has trouble with gambling and addiction problems, please call the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.

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