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Style Valley Bicycle Is this website legit?

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Are you also looking for online shops from India to store a bike for you or your children and don’t want to go out to an offline store in that Covid-19 outbreak and want a house delivery on your order? Today we’ll share every single detail about this website, Style Velly and make sure that you receive the right facts about the quality of bicycles and the validity of this site.

If you’re looking for Style Valley Bicycle Reviews, then be certain to hunt by the right key word, Style Vellyas individuals search by the wrong keyword and do not reach the ideal website.

What is Style Velly?

Style valley is an internet website that sells bikes such as foldable bicycles, digital bikes, lightweight bikes, and many more. This site holds a domain of 16 days, as this website was made on 31 May 2021. We attempted to acquire social media pages predicated on this site, but there is not any social media presence. This website provides 30 days replacement policy on all orders.

If you’re looking for Is Style Valley Bicycle Legit, then read the full article.

Url for the website is: https://stylevelly.in/

Type of site: online shopping website selling all types of bikes.

Shipping fees will be free of cost on orders over Rs. 1999.

The estimated delivery time is within seven days of purchasing.

The processing time isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website.

Orders can be cancelled before the cut off period of the slots

The domain era held via this website is 16 days until now.

The email address supplied by the company is [email protected]

The company’s payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, PayPal.

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Experts of using Style Velly:

You can maintain great bargains on all kinds of bikes selling here.

This website supplies a 30-day replacement coverage.

You can get free delivery on all orders above Rs.1999.

Cons of using Style Velly:

This website is quite young since it’s simply a 16 days old website.

The trust rating obtained by this site on a trusted website is only 6 percent

The site provides the latest bicycles at this price that nobody could believe

There were not any reviews that may be found dependent on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews by any clients.

Is this website legit?

People Attempt to Purchase those products that are good in quality and are durable at affordable costs as they want to value their cash, but these new sites scam individuals by providing them with affordable quality products here are some points about this website that will help you make your decision:

The domain name of the website was made on 31 May 2021, which makes it a 16 days old site.

This site could not be found on any social networking pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

We could not get any customer testimonials or feedbacks based on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews.

The prices supplied by this website on their bicycles are unbelievable and cannot be authentic.

This site obtained a trust score of just 6 percent on a trusted website.

The owner of the company has concealed his details which is also a negative sign.

So as we proceed through all those points, we believe that this website could be a scam since it’s only a 16 days old website and the site is offering the latest bikes at very low rates. So we urge you to not make any purchase from this website, or you will most likely lose your money.

You can check if a website is legit or not by looking in its customer testimonials and feedbacks from past customers, but after looking for some time, we could not find any reviews by any customers at any site, making us sure about our decision that this website is more likely a scam and you shouldn’t store from here.


So according to our study produced on Style Valley Bicycle Reviews, we conclude that this site as a scam and won’t suggest using it.

Would you prefer riding a bike?

If you made any past purchases from this website, then let us know in the comment section.

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