Style Your Hair With Hair Tinsel

Hey, are you looking to style your hair in a shimmering and glittery way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Worldwide, glittery hair is gaining popularity these days, and females used to prefer hairstyles with sparkling hair. Here in this blog, we will give you information on what hair tinsel is and how you can style your hair with hair tinsel

What is hair tinsel?

Hair tinsel, also known as fairy hair, is a temporary way of tying some shimmer and glitters to your head in order to achieve a sparkling look. It gains popularity at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. The hair tinsel is trending again, as many actors, stars, and influencers are wearing it. In addition, females preferred the hair tinsel to wear at parties, occasions, events, performances, ceremonies, and other festivals.

Enjoy the colors of hair tinsels:

They came in 12 different colors, i.e., brown, pink, green, red, black, sky blue, rose, gem blue, laser silver, gold, rainbow colors, and champagne gold. You can choose the colors according to your hair color, such as black, brown, etc., and also you can use gold color for blond hair, brown for brunettes, silver for grey hair, and champagne gold for red hair. 

Furthermore, you can give a funky look to your hair by wearing rainbow colors. Moreover, you can match the tinsel color with your clothes’ color to give them a more charming look; for example, if you are wearing a pink dress, you can use pink hair tinsel to gain a subtle look.

Simple points to remember:

  1. Less is more: If you wear tinsel in office routines or formal events, you should wear some strands of hair tinsel to give it a good look.
  2. Tinsel length: Tinsel usually comes very long, but if you have short hair, then cut the tinsel to your hair length. Ensure that the tinsel length and hair length is balanced.
  3. Waves of tinsel: Hair tinsel adds a WOW factor to your personality, so after applying hair tinsel, you can make braids or toggle the tresses to achieve a more glamorous look.
  4. Subtle hair look: Want to achieve a subtle hair look with hair tinsel? No problem. Try the Herbiar hair tinsel that matches your hair color.
  5. Hair tinsel with glitters: Tinsels are a versatile product, which means you can achieve a polished look by wearing it on straight hair. Depending on the event you are going to, you can style your hair with less or more.
  6. Make curls of tinsels:

How to use hair tinsel?

As you have read above, you can increase your hair beauty with tinsel. Now come to the steps of how you can apply it. Follow these simple steps to apply hair tinsels:

  1. Wash your hair properly and style them the way you want.
  2. For sparkling hair, divide your hair into two sections.
  3. Take the hair tinsel, fold it in half, and put the bead in the crochet.
  4. Use a pulling needle to enter five or six strands of hair into the bead (Do not pull our crochet from the bead.)
  5. Enter the hair tinsel into the bead with the help of a pulling needle.
  6. Slide down the crochet in the opposite direction. So that the bead and tinsel remain with the hair and the crochet comes out.
  7. Take a plier and hold the bead with it. Then, attach the bead to the head.
  8. Press the bead with the plier to tighten it so the bead and tinsel won’t fall off.

Enjoy your new sparkling hairstyle!

Hair tinsel is trending these days, and using it is not difficult. Herbiar provides the best hair tinsel that is made with pure polyester, and they are heat resistant. Shop now at Herbiar!

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