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Surabaya Zoo Reviews Controversy at the zoo!

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Friends, what are the best places to visit as a family, especially with children? The zoo is a place everyone wants to visit, and kids love to spend time watching the different animals they’ve seen in books and on TV.

Surabaya Zoo Reviews is the article we presented to explain the zoo in detail and what people think about it. The news is popular all over the US and UK.

About Surabaya Zoo:

Surabaya Zoo is one of the famous zoos in East Java, Indonesia, also known as Bonbin in the city of Surabaya, Southeast Asia. Here you can see 351 different species and over 3,500 animals. You can visit their official website, surabayazoo.co.id, where you will find all the information. They also have a variety of educational, entertainment, recreational, and more to come soon. Let’s talk about the Surabaya Zoo reviews later, before that.

History of Surabaya Zoo:

The zoo was founded in Kaliondo in 1916 by the Governor General of the Netherlands. In 1920, the zoo was moved to the Darmo area. In 1927, they found 32,000 square meters of land in East Java, which was increased to 15 hectares. Later in 1987, the breeding farm was renewed at the zoo. You can see different back animals from different parts of the world.

Controversy at the zoo:

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A few years ago, the Surabaya Zoo reviews were not good. Surabaya Zoo has received many complaints from visitors and activist groups about animal treatment and zoo maintenance. The situation worsened in 2010 and the Zoo was called “Surabaya Death Zoo”. People’s views weren’t good; they said the zoo is not well kept, animals are not in good condition and looking starved, animals that have been injured are not treated for that long and do not have a good life there. Many animals died, prompting the BKSDA to investigate and revoke the zoo’s license. The zoo was later taken over by the city government and now this place is better and open on weekdays, including weekends.

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Latest Surabaya Zoo reviews:

People who recently visited this place said they improvised the place. It is good, well-kept, clean, spacious and perfect for a family trip. There is a lot of greenery here and a renovated place that looks nice to visit. The animals look healthier than before. The ticket price is also affordable. Most of the reviews on Google and social media are positive. People say they are visiting this place again.

Final Verdict:

After doing a long search at Surabaya Zoo Reviews, we found that the place improved significantly and attracted a lot of people. Recent reviews are good and have aroused the interest of residents of the United States and Great Britain. Are you planning a visit to the ZOO? Or, if you’ve already visited this place, please share your experiences with us.

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