Surrogacy and surrogate mother cost – a comprehensive guide

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which there is a mutual agreement between the carrier of a child and the intended or future parents. Moreover, the surrogate mother must carry the child and hand it to the prospective parent.

The surrogate is compensated for the service she provides. Even more, the Feskov reproductive clinic has multiple surrogacy services. The Feskov’s team, however, recommends the services to the couples. At the same time, the couples can also select the services as per their needs.

Who is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother carries a child for someone else. Moreover, she has to carry the child for 9 months, for which she is compensated. There is a particular amount that she is given while the rest is kept by the clinic through which the procedure took place. A leihmutter finden can be done from leihmutter database, or from attentive parents contacts (good friends or relatives). 

The future parents also bear the surrogate mother’s expenses. However, a surrogate mother is connected to the newborn biologically but not associated genetically. There are two types, traditional and gestational. A surrogate mother is genetically associated with a baby for traditional surrogacy.

Surrogate mother cost

Surrogate mothers in different countries charge different prices. Feskov reproductive clinic has numerous surrogate mothers you can choose on your own, or the clinic recommends you. Also, you can see the picture of the surrogate, and they choose her.

Additionally, future parents can willingly form a connection with the surrogate. Also, they can keep the connection even after the child is born and share their pictures with the surrogate. However, some couples do not find it convenient to maintain a connection with the surrogate, and in their case, they even don’t know who the surrogate mother is. In contrast, the surrogate has no idea who the future parents are.

Surrogate mothers in Ukraine charge a meager price for the process. In comparison, surrogates from other European countries charge an incredibly high amount for the same procedure.

Why choose Feskov Reproductive clinic over others in Ukraine?

The Feskov reproductive clinic is located in Ukraine. It is one of the most popular clinics in Ukraine for surrogacy procedures. Moreover, people from all over the world travel to Ukraine to get surrogacy done.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Feskov fertility clinic over others:

●      There are almost 18,000 children who are born through surrogacy in feskov reproductive clinic

●      There are 52 countries where these healthy-born children reside

●      There are 23 appointed scientists in feskov reproductive clinic

●      There are 10,000 egg donors

However, surrogacy is the best way to give birth in a feskov reproductive clinic.

Also, you can frage nach mehr from the official website of feskov reproductive clinic.


Surrogacy is a blessing for many couples. Couples often choose surrogacy when they cannot conceive or don’t want to conceive due to medical reasons or others. Surrogacy is different in every country when it comes to price. The surrogates charge low at the Feskov reproductive clinic, while surrogates in other countries charge more.

It is always the best idea to choose a reproductive clinic of rpof. Feskov because it ensures incredible service at lower rates.

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