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Did you know that YouTube’s CEO decided to leave the company? Why did Susan decide to resign? Who will be the next YouTube CEO after Susan? Reddit’s current trend is all about Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO. After Susan’s huge decision to leave YouTube, people in the United States panicked.

Reddit is abuzz about Suzanne and everyone wants to know why. She did however send a letter to the office and employees explaining her decision. All the discussion about Susan Wojcicki Reddit.

Insider Info

Susan Wojcicki is one of the most prominent women at Google and she wants to resign as YouTube’s CEO. For the past 9 years she has been working at YouTube, while also supporting Google’s ad management. She is 2023 and wants to leave the job to pursue a new path in her life.

Har employees also received a note from her confirming her resignation. She also included Well wishes for her employees as well as her reasons for leaving the company. Susan’s lieutenant Neel will succeed her to the CEO post at YouTube.

Linkedin stats

Susan is one the most popular LinkedIn women. Her LinkedIn profile has over 500 connections. According to LinkedIn stats, she graduated from the University of California LA with a degree in Literature and then went on to Harvard University.

People are also interested in her Net worth and growth as she has been CEO of YouTube over the years. Because Susan has a rich past with Google, YouTube and other leading platforms around the globe, everyone was interested in finding out all about her. People also want to know how much Susan made in her career.

Wiki Report

She also has Polish citizenship from her parents. People are interested in more information about the Childrenof Susan. However, there is not much information about Susan’s children.

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