Swimming Pool Maintenance – How To Properly Care For Your Pools

Pool circulation is the first step in pool care since without flowing water, a functioning pump, and a functioning filter, maintaining a clean pool will be difficult. This is so that algae won’t be able to grow in stagnant water.

The circulatory system in your pool is made up of a number of components. The pump, the filter, the jets, and the skimmer. Your water quality will decrease if any of these components is seriously hampered.

Pump the pool.

8 to 12 hours are needed every day.

To put it another way, the more frequently you run your filtration system, the cleaner your water will be, and the less time you’ll need to spend removing algae or balancing your water. If operating your filter continuously is not practical, try operating it for 10 to 12 hours every day. You should run your pump a little bit longer each day if you live somewhere with a warmer temperature. Due to the fact that variable speed pool pumps can operate at a reduced speed throughout the day, saving money, energy, and creating less noise, we advise purchasing one.

When Required, Backwash or Clean the Filter: 

when the filter gauge registers roughly 10 psi above normal

It could be time to backwash your filter if your pump gauge reads 10 pounds or more above the typical value (about 10-15 psi for a clean filter). You must clean your filter cartridge if you’re using a cartridge filter.

1-2 times per week, clean the skimmer basket.

Regular skimmer and pump basket cleaning

Is crucial to the general upkeep of your swimming pool. Your pump has to work harder to attempt and cycle the water because of clogged baskets. This can shorten the life of your pump’s seals and put them under stress. Frogs and other animals can also become stuck in your skimmer, so you’ll need to take prompt action to pull those out as well. Depending on how frequently you use your skimmer, we advise cleaning it once or twice a week.

Simply shut of your pool pump, remove the detachable basket from under the skimmer cover, and clean the skimmer basket.

Orient the Jets

Making sure your pool jets are facing away from your skimmer so that your water cycles in a circle is another simple change to make. This will promote water rotation in the pool and make it simpler for your skimmer to remove trash. In order to ensure that the pool’s bottom receives circulation as well, it also helps to point the jets downward. You can also tilt towards any regions of the pool that have trouble getting water, which are typically the areas near steps, ladders, fissures, and corners.


Is done once each week during cleaning. Each day, brush and skim the roof.


The third and final phase in the trifecta of pool maintenance is cleaning, which includes brushing, skimming, and vacuuming your pool. Unless you have a robotic pool cleaner that does it for you, manual upkeep is a typical aspect of pool ownership.

Frequency of shocking the pool: 

Every one to two weeks.

It’s a good idea to shock your pool once every two weeks or so in addition to maintaining a balanced chemistry in your pool. To kill out any bacteria, pollutants, and organic debris, you must “shock” your water by adding excessive amounts of sanitizer. Learn how to shock your pool in 6 simple steps for additional information.

Generally speaking, you should shock your pool more frequently the more people use it. After prolonged periods of intense usage or weathering, you might also wish to shock your pool:

Following a powerful storm

       Following a spill or a surprise contamination

After an outbreak of algae


You will be well on your way to keeping a crystal-clear pool and preventing harmful algae growth if you adhere to these fundamental principles. Setting up a routine and acting quickly if you observe discoloration, hazy water, scaling, or other warning signals are crucial. Furthermore, a spa pool maintenance auckland can take care of your pool for you if you ever find the duties too much to do. They’ll come to your home every one to two weeks and handle all of this for you for a fair price!

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