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Syed Asif Ali – An Inspiring Entrepreneur From Waziristan And His Tale of Success

Everyone born in this world has a dream which they want to realize. But the process of realization of that dream may not always be as simple as it may seem. It will require the dreamers’ great efforts, persistent steadfastness, and unwavering pursuit of finding the best means for reaching their ambition. Most of the times, gaining success in terms of the achievement of one’s dreams occurs only after going through many rough and tough pathways because rough and dangerous roads often lead to amazing destinations.

Life Story of Syed Asif Ali

The story of Syed Asif Ali very suitably reinforces the aforementioned discourse. Syed Asif Ali is a young, intelligent, ambitious, energetic, and perseverant digital marketer belonging to the South Waziristan. Leading a successful and a well to do life today, Syed Asif Ali once opened his eyes in an impoverished family in a small village of the South Waziristan. As a child, Asif Ali witnessed the heavy whacks of hardships and pennilessness.

When he was only eight years old, the military operations in his hometown forced his family to shift to Dera Ismail Khan where they started living in a small rent house. Since his childhood, Asif Ali, being a passionate, ambitious, and an intelligent boy, had a dream of becoming a successful digital marketer. In this connection, he did many small jobs at different places to earn some money for his family as well as for supporting his educational expenditures. For two years, he also worked with a social welfare society named Pakistan Red Crescent as a social worker. Being part of that welfare organization, he provided his full service to the internally displaced people (IDPs) of the North Waziristan by supplying food and other necessities of life to them.

Part of his dream to become a digital marketer was accomplished when Asif Ali started working as a salesman at Oppo Mobile Technologies. While working there, his passion, expertise, and loyalty to his work helped him deal efficiently with any sort of problem coming in his way. Soon, his intelligence, competence, and steadfastness helped him become an officer and he began working as the manager of the company. Because of his vast knowledge about digital marketing, he implemented the Fixed Policy Price of the firm in the city of Kohat that not only safeguarded the profit of the businessmen but also doubled it.

After seeing himself as a successful manager of the company, Asif Ali decided to forge a team of digital marketers. His main aim was to bring to the front the poor but competent young boys of the society in the field of digital marketing and to polish their skills. Thus, he made a very skilled team and made his day and night one in making his team perfectly professional. Surely, along with his personal expertise in digital marketing, his caliber of being a best trainer in this field is also undeniable.

Since long, Syed Asif Ali was well aware of the fact that the upcoming era will be the era of social media. Thus, he made a fruitful use of YouTube and learnt digital marketing from that platform quite efficiently with his enthusiasm and hard grinding. When he got complete excellence in this field, he introduced a company by the name of Point Media. Point Media is an outstanding social media platform that provides its services in terms of solving all sorts of technical problems with people’s social media accounts. Not only this, having full awareness of the growing need of web advertising, the Point Media benefits a large number of people by providing the service of web advertising also.

CEO of Point Media

Technical problems with people’s social media accounts are very common nowadays and almost all the social media users somehow face problems with their accounts one way or the other. Having said this, a large number of people including prominent politicians and social media stars have made their way towards Point Media whenever they encountered any sort of technical problem with their social media accounts. This is because they believe that Point Media is one of the most reliable platforms that never fails to fix any kind of technical fault with the accounts of people. Therefore, due to its supreme professionalism, the Point Media is acknowledged by a vast sea of people far and wide. In addition to this, this firm also plans to launch its label about the field of music too.

When asked about his income, Syed Asif Ali unveiled that today he is making money in millions in the field of digital marketing. He also explained that he enjoys quite a well off life as almost all sorts of luxuries are available to him. Not only this, besides substantially supporting his family on financial grounds, Syed Asif Ali said that he is also supporting a poor family by making all the basic facilities of life available to them.

In a nutshell, Syed Asif Ali is indeed a true inspiration for everyone who has a dream in their mind. If he can transform his dream of becoming a successful digital marketer to a palpable reality, then everyone else can also make their dreams tangible. All it needs is passion, patience, perseverance, and arduous efforts like that of Syed Asif Ali. If he can reach and touch the milestone of his success, then everybody else can also do the same and achieve their goals because God has created everyone with many potentialities.

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