Home News Tamara Kalinic Robbed What items were taken from the house?

Tamara Kalinic Robbed What items were taken from the house?

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Did you know that Glam and Glitter, the YouTube fashion blogger who is well-known for her Glam and Glitter channel, was robbed? Her fans were interested to learn more about the incident after reading the latest headline Worldwide.

Here’s today’s article about the robbery that took place in Tamara Kalinic’s Parsian home.

Stay connected if you want to learn more about the raid on the house by robbers and how Tamara Kalinic Robbed the situation.

A few words about Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic, a fashion blogger, makes YouTube videos to promote the fashion industry. Sunday Times named her one of the 100 most influential people.

Tamara started her career as a pharmacist and made very few fashion blogs. After seeing her videos get thousands of views, Tamara decided to change her career and become a fashion blogger.

She is currently working as a Serbian influencer and stayed at Parsian where the robbers assaulted her. Let’s talk in detail about the incident.

Tamara Kalinic robbed?

The burglars silently entered Tamara’s house through Tamara’s courtyard widow on July 4, 2021. The incident occurred in the evening, when Tamara was not at home.

She realized what had happened when she returned home at midnight. Her social media followers were also there.

What items were taken from the house?

According to the police investigation, 300,000 euros are missing from her home. The Tamara Kalinic Robbedincident has been investigated and it has been determined that the following items are missing from her home.

  • Three luxury watches from the brand Patek Philippe and Rolex
  • These handbags are from the best brands.
  • Suitcases
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All of these items are worth 300,000 euros. Tamara has lost her most prized and fashionable items due to the incident. She was shocked by the robbery at her house.

Officers at the district level were notified and the investigation opened.

How did Tamara express her emotions after the incident?

Tamara Kalinic Robbed has broken her heart. On Tuesday, she shared an Instagram story in which she expressed her feelings about the robbery at her home. Below are the details.

Although she can’t describe the incident in words, it is clear that she is well and happy to be supported by her family and friends.

Tamara’s loss of everything she worked so hard for over the past ten year is the worst. Tamara mentioned that she doesn’t usually talk about the difficult times. However, it was the first time she had been a victim to such a major crime.


Tamara Kalinic Robbed has caused her massive losses but she is still coping with the situation with the support and love of her fans.

What were your thoughts about Tamara’s robbery? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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