Tara Moss Illness, What Happened to Tara Moss? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Tara Moss is an Australian author, television presenter, and former model who is well-known throughout her home country and abroad. Recently she has been living with an autoimmune condition that restricts her mobility requiring her to use a walking stick; the media have taken note of this illness which has altered both her life and career in an unpredictable manner.

What are Tara Moss’ symptoms of illness?

Tara Moss recently made public that she has been diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS). This rare autoimmune disease affects blood clotting, leading to strokes, heart attacks and organ damage; potentially also leading to issues with pregnancy or fertility in some cases.

What are the Symptoms of APS?

APS symptoms vary significantly among individuals and depending on which organs are affected. Commonly reported signs include fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, headaches, memory problems and skin rashes. It can also cause blood clots to form in legs resulting in swelling, pain and discoloration while lung blood clots may cause shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing up blood.

How Can APS Be Diagnosed and Treated?

Diagnosing APS can be challenging due to its symptoms being so vague and easily misunderstood as other conditions. Doctors typically rely on blood tests, imaging studies and physical exams in diagnosing the disorder. Treatment for APS usually entails medications to thin the blood and prevent blood clot formation such as anticoagulants or aspirin as well as those which suppress immunity systems.

What impact has APS had on Tara Moss’ life?

Living with Autoimmune Polyarthritis Syndrome can be challenging and can have a dramatic impact on one’s quality of life. Tara Moss’ experience shows this clearly – APS has altered her mobility to the extent that she relies on a walking stick; fatigue, joint pain and other symptoms have had an adverse impact both professionally and personally; nevertheless she continues to advocate for greater awareness and understanding surrounding APS/autoimmune diseases.


Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Tara Moss’ illness, is a rare autoimmune disease affecting her blood and can lead to numerous health issues. Our article provided in-depth and comprehensive information about its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment as well as supporting those living with these diseases. We hope that our article raised awareness for those living with APS and similar autoimmune conditions by providing insight and support.

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