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Taraji P. Henson Net Worth How Rich is Taraji P. Henson?

Who is Taraji P. Henson?

Taraji P. Henson is an esteemed American actress and singer with an estimated net worth of $25 Million. Born September 11th 1970 in Washington D.C. she began her journey towards stardom through close familial ties – particularly her grandmother who she deeply respects and admires.. The meaning behind her name, Taraji (“hope”) and Penda (“love”), in Swahili, seemingly foreshadowed her influential role in the entertainment industry.

After completing high school in 1988, Henson initially pursued electrical engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. However, her true passion for acting led her to transfer to Howard University. Demonstrating her dedication and work ethic, Henson financed her education through various jobs, including positions at the Pentagon and on a cruise ship. This blend of perseverance and talent set the stage for her illustrious career.

What Has Shaped Henson’s Career?

Taraji P. Henson made her mark as an actress with her debut appearance in Tyrese Gibson’s 2001 movie “Baby Boy.” Since then she has gone on to establish herself within Hollywood through roles such as those found on “Hustle & Flow”, with an Academy Award nomination for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008) attesting to her versatility and talent.

Henson has distinguished herself through a range of film and television roles throughout her career, which spans across film (‘The Karate Kid”), TV (Taking From Me: Tiffany Rubin Story), and film (Hidden Figures) where she garnered various award nominations. On television series such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, House” and critically-acclaimed roles such as that on “Empire”, for which she received the Golden Globe award in 2016.

Henson’s Personal Journey and Lifestyle

Taraji P. Henson’s personal life has been as eventful as her career. She is a mother to a son, Marcell, born in 1994. Tragically, Marcell’s father, Henson’s high school sweetheart, was murdered in 2003. Henson has openly discussed the challenges she faced, including her son’s encounter with law enforcement in 2014, which initially led her to speak out about racial profiling.

In 2017, Henson announced her switch to a vegan diet, a decision aimed at avoiding stomach cancer. She has also been a vocal advocate for animal rights, having posed for PETA campaigns. Her personal life, marked by both triumphs and challenges, reflects her resilience and commitment to her beliefs and health.

Real Estate Investments: A Peek into Henson’s Assets

Taraji P. Henson’s financial acumen extends to her real estate investments. In 2015, she acquired a condo for $1.5 million in Chicago that she sold two years later for $1.9 million; additionally she owned another unit at that same building for a period from 2017- 2018. Additionally she owned properties in Los Angeles: she purchased one residence from Glendale for $431,000 back in 2002 before investing in an expensive Hollywood Hills mansion worth $6.45 million later on that same year (2016); these investments not only showcase her savvy financial decisions, but contribute significantly to her net worth as well.

In conclusion, Taraji P. Henson’s journey from a hopeful student to a celebrated actress and savvy investor is a testament to her talent, determination, and versatility. Her career achievements, personal life experiences, and smart real estate choices paint a picture of a dynamic and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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