Teaching English, watching movies with subtitles

Skeptics sneer, but learning English from movies and TV shows really brings good results. And this method will definitely appeal to moviegoers who are not afraid of difficulties. What movie-watching techniques will help develop vocabulary and knowledge of English in general.

When watching your favorite movies, you do not get tired as quickly as while doing grammar exercises. And if the film is really beloved, parsing the dialogues will not be a burden.

Understanding foreign speech by ear is one of the important stages in learning English. There are a lot of phrasal verbs and words of an average American or Englishman in TV shows and films. In fiction and grammar books, they are less common. But their knowledge distinguishes a person for whom English is not a native language from a native speaker. Russian Movies will be an excellent option for learning, you will definitely be able to improve your level of English and achieve the desired result. And watching foreign films and TV shows introduces the customs and traditions of Americans and British.

Subtitles in series and films in English

How to work with films and series without translation? Should subtitles be included? These seem to be the most common questions most people ask first. Let’s make a reservation right away that if you studied English at school, then subtitles in your native language are not needed. They are necessary for people with zero knowledge to feel the features of a foreign language. Non-beginners can only watch movies and series with English subtitles. But already from the Intermediate level, try to turn them off as well.

How to watch to really remember

After watching a movie or series (preferably the next day), select a piece of video that you would like to parse.

Write out unfamiliar words in context. Do the same with interesting phrases and unfamiliar grammatical structures. Next, write your examples with new lexical units. The analysis is considered complete only when there are no unfamiliar or incomprehensible phrases left for you in the video.

The downside is that it will take more than one day to fully analyze one film or series of a series. But your efforts will pay off faster than if you just watched your favorite series in English, understanding almost nothing.

An excellent option would be to use the replica repetition technique. Its essence is the repeated repetition of authentic speech after the speaker. It will improve your listening comprehension and your pronunciation, and it will also be easier for you to memorize words and structures. Take a piece of a movie or series, lasting 3-5 minutes, and repeat each phrase after the characters. At the same time, try to catch the pace of the actors’ speech and intonation. Repeat 3-7 times until you remember the basic phrases and grammatical constructions.

Top Russian movies with English subtitles.

  1. “Moscow does not believe in tears”
  2. ” Autumn marathon”
  3. ” Amphibian Man”
  4. “Siberian barber”
  5. “The night Watch”
  6. “Day Watch”
  7. ” Gentlemen of Fortune”

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