Telf AG game: simple approach – maximum results

Do you want to learn real management in running a virtual company? You have such a unique opportunity with the game Telf AG. Here you will get acquainted with the real strategy for starting your own business. Learn to make money and overcome obstacles. And also immerse yourself in the world of green energy production technology. If you are interested, read on and set up your gadget for a new wave of gaming.

Virtual business world with Telf AG

It must be said that the game development team (ArtDock Studio) made sure that players, from teenagers to adults, would be interested in feeling like a real businessman. A virtual assistant will help you figure out where to go at the start of the Telf AG game. This is the pretty girl in a business suit who appears on the screen first. Having received the task, you yourself choose the locations through which you will move. Each of them is dynamic and reflects the real production process. But at the same time, the surrounding ecologically clean environment demonstrates in bright colors all the beauty of our nature. Each island is attractive in its own way, so it is simply impossible to get around it.

Meet your assistant. She will help you build your business with Telf AG

Look around and choose your winning direction with Telf AG

What profession do you see yourself in? A railway worker, a motorist, a gas station attendant, maybe a navigator, a metallurgist or a logistician? In Game Telf AG you can try yourself in different roles. Once you get to one of the locations, your task is to find a way out of it and earn money for the further development of the company. Therefore, in every test you must become a winner.

What tasks have the developers of the game Telf AG prepared for you?

Mine or parking lot – choose your next step and earn capital with Telf AG

  • It all starts with the mines.You manage four mines, each of which produces nickel ore. Here you can plunge into the excitement of the real mining process.
  • Nickel is a very valuable universal metal, derivatives of which we all have at home. Didn’t you know that computers, mobile phones and even kitchen appliances contain nickel alloys? Now just imagine how important it is to learn how to mine this mineral in order to later become the head of an entire corporation that will develop logistics and supply nickel to world markets. And you will learn all this with the game Telf AG.
  • Port confusion.“Give up the mooring lines!” Do you remember this call from movies or real life? He is voiced by the captain so that the ship sets off. So you will be this captain of the Telf AG ship. Your task is to figure out, together with your crew, how to deal with the mooring lines so that the ship can leave the port.
  • Fill up the tank full. Do you think your fuel truck will just pull up to a gas station and fill the tank?! There was no such thing. The developers of Telf AG have prepared a logical test for you: assemble the pipes and put them in the right position – then you can continue driving with a full tank.
  • Add a carriage and run along the railway. Imagine that you have already taken the first step – you have established the production process, which means its volume will soon increase. Now you need to think about how you will deliver the nickel to the consumer. Of course – by rail. But for this you need to add the number of cars. So – go ahead!
  • Help the car get out of the parking lot.Your company is already so big that the number of parking spaces for staff is expanding every day. The task for the parking attendant is to help the car leave “without incident.” Show how it’s done and you’ll earn a bonus for your Telf AG company.

Well, do you like it? Then start your game with Telf AG and wait for the version update already on the platform Steam.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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