The Best 5 Cannabis Strains to Help You Relax

Nowadays, relaxing can be very hard because of all the stress and problems that we need to face every day. It is common sense that marijuana can get you relaxed, but that is not necessarily true. At least, not all cannabis strains provide relaxation. But don’t worry. Let me show you the best 5 cannabis strains to get you relaxed.

1.   Strawberry Cough

If you already know this strain, you may find it surprising that it ranks so high in this list since it is Sativa dominant, having a content of 80% of Sativa. But this strain does get a lot of people relaxed. Its aroma and taste are very similar to strawberry, and it produces heavy smoke. It is very potent, so be careful if you are not an experienced smoker. Also, it can take a while to hit, but once it hits you, you will feel more relaxed and positive, having a creative boost and getting a bit more energetic.

2.   Ice Cream Cake

This is an Indica-dominant strain that is a cross between Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. It does have a sweet and subtle taste that can remind you of Ice Cream Cake. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, with pain, having a lack of appetite, fatigued, or stressed, this strain can help you since it leaves you in a state of sedation.

3.   Mr. Nice

This is also an Indica-dominant strain, with a percentage of 80%. It is a cross between the Hash Plant and G-13, and it even won second place in the 2004 High Life Cup. It has 20% of THC content, and it gives an intense high that relaxes you while it is extremely pleasant. It can help you if you are feeling pain, or if you are feeling anxious. And, of course, it helps with stress. This strain can also make you feel more positive about the world, which is something very necessary these days.

4.   OG Kush

This strain has a very high percentage of THC, having something around 27%. It has very low CBD, and it is 55% Sativa. OG Kush is perfect to be smoked at night since it can be very relaxing and it can even help you to sleep better. It can also help with depression and loss of appetite.

5.   Willy’s Wonder

The last strain of the list is the wonderful Willy’s Wonder, an Indica-dominant hybrid. If you are not an experienced smoker, be very careful around this one since it can have as much as 30% of THC content. Don’t overconsume it. It does make you feel like you are in another world, which can be very relaxing.

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