The Best Free PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

Do you want to convert a PDF to Word or other formats?

If yes, UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac is the best solution for you.

After the onset of COVID 19 pandemic worldwide, human lifestyle underwent a drastic change. The work from home scenario was top most of all the changes. Whole institutions, offices, and many other professions shifted to online mode. The increased demand of working online raised the demand of many products in the tech industry. Among the different products, one product type was the document converting software or application thatgot great recognition than ever before.

Among different things the most demanded product was the PDF converters. As the people started dealing different file types online so they need to convert PDF to different file formats, edit them, copy data from them, and many more other things. There are dozens of choices available on the internet for this product type. But, people still search for the best among them.

So, today we have come up with a great solution for all those searching for the best one. The best free PDF converter for Windows and Mac is the UPDF Converter. The product is super cool and actually the best one among all. There are many things that distinguish it from others and make it stand out among the rest.

The Introduction of UPDF Converter

UPDF Converter is the ultimate choice for all those looking for the Professional PDF converter. By using this converter you can make your work from home experience quite convenient and interesting. It will put an end to your daily sufferings. The conversions for which you use to spend whole days through ordinary converters or online web based software, could be done in seconds by the help of UPDF.

With this proficient converter you can save a huge chunk of your working time and can invest it productively in other tasks. The UPDF Converter is super-fast in processing files. Moreover it has multiple other features as well. Some of the distinguishing features of UPDF include:

  • Compatibility
  • Several choices for conversions
  • Editable formats with OCR
  • Decryption of PDF
  • Batch processing
  • Accuracy
  • Data Privacy

·       Compatibility

The great thing about UPDF is its compatibility. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. No matter what OS you are using, you can get this product easily and can enjoy all of its perks.

·       Several choices for conversions

It offers great choices and variety for the conversions. You can easily convert your PDF file to different editable formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CVS, HTML, XML, Text, RTF, PDF/A, and images. Moreover, it offers several formats for the images as well like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

·       Editable formats with OCR

UPDF has OCR or Optical Character Recognition module feature. You can use it to convert scanned or image-based PDFs into editable formats. It offers high conversion accuracy and supports up to 23 different languages.

·       Decryption of PDF

You can also remover passwords from PDF files. Once the PDF password is removed, you can copy data from the PDF and edit it as per your own choice. You can also print it. Once decrypted successfully, the restrictions from the PDF will be removed permanently. You can save the decrypted file in your local device storage and can access it later and it will not ask you for the password ever again.

·       Batch processing

As mentioned earlier, UPDF will save your time. It process file quickly. Furthermore you can convert several files at a time in a single click. The batch processing feature of the application makes it possible for you. Because of this option you can upload multiple files and in a single click you can initiate their conversion. The result is always quick and accurate.

·       Accuracy

Apart from its distinguishing features, the converted files that UPDF generates are also of great quality. The data in them is always the same as the parent file. You will never encounter any inaccuracies in the converted file copies. UPDF guarantees that the content in the converted file would be the same as the original file.

·       Data Privacy

Another important thing is the data privacy which is also guaranteed by the UPDF. Your documents are protected with enterprise-grade encryption to ensure privacy and data security at all times. No data is shared with third parties without your consent.

The user guide for UPDF tasks management is also quite simple and straight forward. You can access the guide through the product’s website as well. So, from every aspect you will find this application totally amazing. The user-friendly interface adds more to the convenience of the users. You can label it as the all in one tonic for managing your daily tasks efficiently.

Contrary to the other converters, you will get every possible option at one place. There is no limitation of file formats and you can convert your PDFs to several different editable forms. Even in the images option there are further several choices available for you. So, what is the thing that is not in it? With such variety of options and easy handling UPDF is setting new records in the market. Rather than just relying on words, clarify all your doubts by practically experiencing this legit option.

Final Words

My dear fellows what are you waiting for? Are you still uncertain about it? Clear all your doubts and give it a try. When you will experience it at your own, you will find out how truly amazing application it is. Level up yourself and step ahead. Go for a professional approach. Rather relying on any other option chooses the best one for you.

Soon you will witness that how efficiently the product will assist you in your daily document management. Without any hustle you will enjoy the supreme perks all in one place. Do not miss the chance and grab the best PDF converter-UPDF Converter. Whether you are a Windows or a Mac user there is no restrictions and it is available for everyone.

You can recommend it to your friends, colleagues, office mates, staff members, etc. Everyone will get great results. And you will never regret investing your time here. So, go and grab the amazing converter.

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