The Best Mac Apps for Productivity in 2022

You might be using a Mac and would like to find ways of supercharging your productivity. You can work on various personality traits that influence your work. For instance, you can start creating a to-do list, handle a task at a time, or acquire multiple soft skills.

But all this might not be enough to make you productive. We want to recommend a comprehensive fix using productivity apps on your Mac. These apps are designed to help people do more in less time. So what are the best examples of these apps?

The most popular Mac apps to use include:

  1. Todoist

This note-taking and organization app tops our list of the best apps to have. It is critical to always stay on top of your personal and professional projects. Todoist can help you do this almost effortlessly. It has all the best features, which you can use for free.

Todoist is also available on all iOS devices. The free version is enough to help you create and accomplish tasks on time. But you can also consider having more advanced features like backups and automated task reminders. You can get all these by paying a yearly fee of $29.

  1. IFTTT

This app is worth having if you want to be more productive. IFTTT helps connect all the apps you use by enabling them to communicate. One of the best ways it can help you is by ensuring your social media campaign is effective and efficient.

You won’t need to post on all your business platforms. You can post on Twitter, and IFTTT will post the same on Instagram. There are more examples of what it can do for your business. But the bottom line is that this app will save you a massive chunk of time.

  1. 1Password

Sometimes you have too many passwords, and recalling others might be daunting. That’s one reason to have 1Password among the list of tools you use. This productivity app will save and remember all the passwords you use. The good news is that it will put them all in one place.

It will only take a single click to access these passwords. 1Password will save you a lot of time you could have spent recalling passwords. It will also help enhance the security of your passwords. The personal plan is also affordable, costing about $2.99 per month.

  1. Power BI

This is one of the apps you should keep on top of your list. Power BI group by is one of the features which is ideal for people who handle substantial data sets. You can use it to group your data to make it easy to work with. For instance, you can put data into single or multiple columns.

You can use its average product prices almost effortlessly. This will make it easy to make informed decisions based on your data. In short, this app is an excellent tool for data handlers. You can reduce your work and save significant time working with it.

  1. Bear

You might want to jot down some notes but can’t find a pen and paper. That’s where Bear comes in, an excellent note-taking app for Mac users. There’s a lot you can do with this application. You can create to-do lists and reminders and write down brainstormed ideas.

This application has some excellent features that are worth noting. For instance, you can customize it to your preference. Also, you can set the context to ensure you know why and when you jotted down something. It has a free version, and you can upgrade for $14.99 annually.

  1. Backlog

This is among the best project management software available for Mac users. It is a collaboration tool that will help streamline your work. It ensures a team collaborates efficiently and achieves the desired results. You can also use it to assign tasks and collect their feedback.

The best thing about this tool is that it offers real-time feedback. It is one of the best tools to visualize your project. Developers benefit the most from Backlog. It makes it easy for them to work on code and ensure they create software that meets the client’s needs.

  1. Hazel

This automated organization tool is one of the best you can have. It is designed to help Mac users stay organized without any issues. It can help you manage your files and ensure you can find them easily. You can set custom rules for how you want the tool to organize your data.

You can even move files from one folder to another almost effortlessly. This can happen with a few clicks instead of spending hours organizing yourself. You only need to get a single license that will cost you a flat $32. With that, you’ll be ready to leverage the power of Hazel.

  1. Focus

Another tool you can use to organize yourself is Focus. It has a simple task manager that will ensure you have a good time working with your Mac. There are various unique features that it comes with. One of them is that you can sync it across multiple devices.

This means you can access your files at any time. Also, you don’t have to be at the office to access your work. The interface isn’t only simple but also appealing. You can access Focus at only about $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

Conclusion: You Can Now Choose The Best Tool for Your Needs

Using productivity apps can help you boost your creativity. It can also help you become more productive and reach your goals. This article has discussed some of the best productivity apps to consider. If you use a Mac, these apps will help you do more and surpass your targets.

But you need to identify areas of your work that you want to improve. Also, you’ll need to look at each app’s offerings before deciding which one to invest in. Some features that are worth considering include the user interface, the pricing, and whether the app is intrusive or not.

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