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There are numerous advantages to storing a file as a PDF, including document security and integrity, compatibility with devices, browsers, and operating systems, sodapdf versatility, etc.; however, editing tables in a PDF document is always an uphill task.

In a situation that demands you to extract a table from a PDF document or edit some text embedded in spreadsheet format, your best bet is first to convert the PDF to Excel. And in this article, we will share quick steps to take this using a free online tool

Converting PDF to Excel makes editing your files easy, without jumping through hoops, especially when tables and spreadsheets are involved. The great thing is that you can convert PDF to Excel without downloading any program to your device.

Yes, the steps we are about to show you are quick, simple, and seamless and can be done online using any device, provided there is a working internet connection.

How To Convert PDF To Excel

Here’s how you can convert PDF to Excel files for free with an online tool:

Step 1. Click on the “Select PDF file” button.


Step 2. Select the PDF file to convert to Excel to upload to the conversion tool.

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Step 3. Once uploaded, click the Convert to Excel tab and wait a few seconds to download the converted file


Benefits of Converting PDF to Excel Using online tools 

There are numerous tangible benefits to using online PDF to Excel converter; we will outline them below.

Converting PDF To Excel Is Safe and Private

Privacy is a priority when using an online PDF to Excel converter tool. It is very safe to use, and the integrity of your file remains uncompromised. And once the document is downloaded, your files will be deleted from the platform to maintain privacy and security.

Also, by using online PDF to Excel converter without downloading apps to your device, you remove the potential risk of a virus attacking your device.

Avoid Advertising and Watermarks

By using the tool to convert PDF to Excel, you can be sure that you will not have the hassle of watermarks appearing on downloaded documents. Also, forget about the invasive advertising of other applications which offer the same service. You won’t accidentally get inside an ad anymore. The resulting files are clean.

Easy Transformation of PDF to Excel 

It is one of the easiest tasks you will ever carry out. First, the PDF to Excel converter is completely done online, making things much simpler. Then, as we enumerated above, the procedure is simple, quick, and flawless, and you will have your converted file downloaded to your device.

All Operating Systems Compatibility

Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, or any operating system you are using, you can comfortably convert PDF to Excel with no hassle since the resulting file from the conversion is compatible with all operating systems.

You can also use this tool to reverse the conversion with no compatibility issue with your device since the tool is highly compatible with all browsers.

100% Online Conversion

One of the significant advantages of these online tools, is that the entire conversion process takes place on the platform cloud. And in this way, you will not go through the hassle of downloading and installing a program to your device that will take up space and expose your device to a virus attack.

Flawless Transformation

Converting PDF to Excel can sometimes be time-consuming and create errors in the resulting files, but with the PDF to Excel converter mentioned above, you have nothing to worry about. The file transformation will be seamless, and the resulting file will have all the original document’s content intact and fully editable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting PDF To Excel

There are a handful of frequently asked questions associated with converting PDF to Excel, and we will attempt to answer some of them

Why Switch from PDF to Excel?

The answer to this is simple, for easy editing. However versatile and high functioning the PDF is, when it comes to editing, it doesn’t offer complete functionality as Excel. From handling tables and texts, to making edits in spreadsheet formats, it is infinitely better to do it in Excel.

What Will the Resulting Format After Conversion Be?

The PDF to Excel converter starts from a PDF or .pdf, and the resulting file will be a .xls or .xlsx extension once the Excel transformation is completed. However, if the format is based on XML, the final format will be .xlsm.

How Long Does It Take to Convert PDF to Excel?

Usually, the PDF to Excel converter takes a few seconds to carry out file transformation, but it also depends on the file size, its complexity, and the speed of the internet.

These three factors play a significant role in determining the time it will take for the application to carry out its algorithm and make the required changes. Again, the amount of PDF documents you want to convert to excel at the same time also contributes to the time it will take for the conversion to be complete.

Can I Have Problems Converting a Protected PDF?

Naturally, you should have no problems converting a protected PDF file, since most of these online tools allows you to do this even though the PDF is protected. However, it is better to unlock said file before running the conversion to avoid any loss of information during the conversion.

Do I Need to Convert PDF to Excel Files to Edit Them?

Not entirely. There are programs available online that allow you to edit a PDF file, but they will not offer the full functionality that an Excel file will allow. Also, they may present compatibility problems with specific operating systems and devices.

In conclusion, PDF is a versatile format, but it can be almost impossible to edit. So, to easily extract a table or edit texts in a spreadsheet format, you have to convert PDF to editable Excel spreadsheets.

Online tools make the conversion process easy, seamless, and instantaneous without causing damage to your original PDF. 

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