The Best Places in Texas to Build a Business

With the pandemic raging and job markets being altered left and right, traditional jobs have been harder to come by. Not having to rely on the money of an employer is a huge advantage for any person trying to make it through these tough times. That’s why starting a business has been a popular choice to substitute for typical employment.

When you are deciding to become a business owner, one of the first things you think about beyond your product or sales plan is where you are going to locate your business.

Is everything going to be online? If you are going to do it through retail, do you need to focus on one particular section of the country? 

It certainly helps to live in one of the larger states in America, and everything is bigger in Texas. With so many different cultures and the influx of Latin flavor coming from Mexico, the possibilities are both exciting and confusing. 

Where is the best place to start and build a business in the Lone Star State? If you need to deliver your goods throughout the area, what are the best commercial insurance carriers in Texas? Is there a certain type of business that succeeds more in Texas compared to other parts of the United States? 

We will look at these aspects to help educate you on the upsides and risks of business and entrepreneurship in Texas. 

What cities are growing the most? 

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. This means the population is getting more diverse, and the types of companies being created are changing. No longer is California the only techie state in the nation, as digital startups are growing rapidly. 

These companies have core values they are pushing and developing around a unique population of young people. This youth movement in the state has changed the perception of what is possible. 

Austin, the state capital, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world for small businesses pursuing technology and computer innovation. With the proper digital marketing, you can take advantage of this trend and join the other ambitious people who are helping to change the reputation of the area. 

Austin is growing at five times the rate of other U.S. cities, and it has recovered over 96% of its pre-pandemic jobs according to CMSWire.

The cost of living is lower in Austin compared to traditional tech cities like San Francisco, allowing it to recover even faster than the Silicon Valley region. 

There are no personal property taxes in Texas, so business owners can continue to house their employees in buildings without paying anything to the state. 

Austin allows businesses to stabilize with a mix of traditional and novel ideas coming together at once. 

The Dallas metropolitan area is the fastest-growing market in the entire country. You can find a variety of opportunities there because of the wonderful influx of different cultures and ideas. 

The bigger population allows you to open up a bigger customer base than in other cities in Texas while still benefiting from the lack of property taxes. But when you are planning on delivering products in large areas like Dallas and Fort Worth, you should also be thinking about the types of insurance you will need to buy. 

Commercial Car Insurance in Texas

Texas is a huge state, and one of the concerns with running a business in a large area like this is how you are going to transport your product locally. You may opt to have one or two people drive company cars. In this case, you’ll need auto insurance specifically for the business vehicle. Using personal insurance will not cover accidents on the job.  

What is the best auto insurance to buy in Texas? Look at several factors, but the most important is whether you trust the company. The three companies with the largest market share are Chubb, Liberty Mutual, and Travelers. 

You aren’t seeing State Farm, Progressive, and GEICO on this list. Texans have put their money toward alternative brands because these insurers receive high marks from their employees and customers. They also invest and put money back into the local community. Texans care about togetherness and personal achievement.

When you go through an insurance company for your small business, you want them to know why. Building a brand requires careful thought and preparation, and you may get cheaper rates if your agent understands what you will be doing on the road. 

This is something that is special about Texas and why it is such a financially positive place to start making money. It’s a big state with a small-town attitude about partnerships and business relationships. Look for unexpected discounts and coverage.

What are some other forgotten upsides of Texas?

Now that we’ve gone through the fastest growing cities and the great insurance rates for your car, what else is there to know about Texas? It is growing in entrepreneurship because it allows opportunities that the other states don’t.

It’s a huge market, but it doesn’t have the reputation for business success that California or New York does. The southern part of the country will always be more known for farming and rural activities than for computers, science, or art. 

The fun begins when you realize you can mix the two concepts. These southern activities are still there, but they are ripe with technological opportunities. Starting a business in which artificial intelligence informs businesses and customers about crops and farming is perfect for Texans. 

Using new technology, you can think about building a food brand that focuses on serving the homeless. Technology can predict what demographics to target and where the areas of focus should move to next. There are so many chances to create a mix of local Texas traditions with new ideas from the East and West coasts. 

No matter whether it’s in Austin, Houston, or Dallas/Fort Worth, it’s time everybody thinks about going big or going home. Texas is ready to take over entrepreneurship in the United States. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, He wants to help people grow their businesses with the best possible insurance policies.

Christopher Stern

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