The Best Water Flosser In 2022 You Can’t Miss

The 30th China International Gifts and Home Products Fair was held in Shenzhen in November 2022. The fair introduced a wide selection of new and innovative products, household commodities, premium, and consumer products. Thousands of buyers from 60 different countries attend the event. The fair creates excellent opportunities for professional buyers and investors to develop partnerships and set new industry trends. Amidst all those unique products exhibited at the fair, the Fly Cat dental water flosser gained immense attention.

What is so unique about dental water flossers? Continue reading to discover the benefits of an oral irrigator. And if you are looking for the best water flosser, there also have some of the best in the store. 

Why Flosser Is The Latest Industry Trend?

Let’s see how the best water flosser helps you take care of your oral health. 

l Minimal Abrasion

Dental abrasion usually occurs when extreme force is applied to the teeth and the gums. Traditional flossing use nylon or plastic flossers that are constantly dragged on both sides of the teeth. It not only irritates the gums but also leads to swelling and redness. People with sensitive teeth may also suffer from chronic bleeding. You can avoid dental abrasion by switching to a dental water flosser.

A dental water flosser is much gentler. The electric motor uses specific pressure strength to clean the spaces between your teeth and the areas around your gums. The flosser soothes the gums and prevents irritating them. With water flossers, you can have healthy teeth and no bleeding gums.

l Deep Cleaning

String dental floss does clean your gums, but a dental water flosser gives a more thorough cleaning. It can reach periodontal pockets and spaces that often develop due to gum diseases. An oral irrigator can remove plaque, bacteria, and minor food particles by effectively reaching the deep areas of your teeth. Thus, a dental water flosser helps minimize the risk of gum infections, improving oral health.

l Healthier Gums

The primary purpose of designing an oral irrigator is to keep the gums healthy and prevent monthly visits to the dentist.

The best water flosser can easily reach your gums and the deep pockets of your teeth. By doing so, the flosser removes the plaque and bacteria and massages the gums during the cleaning process. It improves blood circulation in your gums and stimulates cell growth. Improve blood circulation reduces inflammation and minimizes the chances of developing gingivitis and other gum-related diseases.

Outstanding Fly Cat Water Flossers on the Exhibition

Considering all the incredible benefits of a dental water flosser, you might look for the best water flosser for your investment. Fly Cat Oral Care displayed some of its top water flossers at the exhibition.

1. FC175

FC175 has a sophisticated design that can easily accommodate itself on a countertop. The top-quality material used in its design makes the flosser durable and everlasting.

Some of the dominant features of the FC175 water flosser include the following:

ü It has a high water tank capacity of 600ml.

ü The motor has a fast rotation speed of about 1250 – 1700 times/min.

ü It creates minimal noise.

ü Fantastic water pressure ranging from 20 to 120 PSI.

2. FC5090

FC5090 is the best water flosser for people always on the go. Fly Cat designed this product expertly, as it has anti-leakage and drainage properties, making it a perfect travel partner.

FC5090 has a rechargeable 2000mAH lithium battery that requires about 3 hours to charge fully. Once charged, the flosser can be used multiple times throughout the day.

Other unique features of FC5090 include the following:

ü The water tank can hold 300 ml of water.

ü The motor can rotate at 1200 -1400 times/min.

ü It makes less noise and is waterproof as well.

3. FC5170

FC5170 is another convenient option for people looking for a mini portable water flosser. It has a compact anti-leakage design that makes it easy to operate it single-handedly. It also has a rechargeable lithium battery that needs about 3 hours to charge fully.

Like all other Fly Cat products, FC5170 is a certified product. It has passed various professional certifications, including FDA, FCC, RoHS, and CE.

ü The mini water tank can home 200ml of water.

ü The small motor operates at a speed of 1200-1500 times/min.

ü The water pressure of the flosser ranges from 20 to 115 PSI.

4. Nasal Irrigators NJ2660, NJ5060, and NJ5070

Besides oral irrigators, Fly Cat also exhibited nasal irrigators at the fair. Of all the products, NJ2660, NJ5060, and NJ5070 are smartly designed.

The irrigators are easy to assemble, making it effortless for users to clean them. NJ2660 has a larger tank that can hold up to 280 ml of water, whereas NJ5060 and NJ5070 are lightweight and portable. The three nasal irrigators also have a long battery life and are convenient to use.

Fly Cat: Your Reliable Partner for the Best Water Flosser

Fly Cat is a leading manufacturer of oral and nasal irrigators in China. To produce and maintain the quality of the products, the company employs experienced workers and regularly upgrades the infrastructure of its manufacturing facilities. All the dental water flossers and nasal irrigators by Fly Cat feature an ergonomic design, making them perfect for every other household.

Since water flosser has a bright investment future, you can visit the Fly Cat website to explore the different types of dental water for your business. 

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