The Best Wooden Shoe Racks For Your Home

Shoes! Oh, glorious shoes! They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. However, the one thing they all have in common is their need to breathe when stored away. Shoes are considered both clothing and an accessory, with a common need to be organised in a way that protects them from irreparable damage. A shoe stand is one of the best ways to store and display your precious pair of branded shoes or regular home-wear flip-flops. They are not only functional pieces of furniture but are also aesthetic, depending on the design and material you choose. Moreover, the storage possibilities of shoe racks are enormous! Read on to learn how investing in a wooden shoe rack can earn you extra time in the morning or before any outing at any time!

What Are The Benefits Of Shoe Racks?

While retail store stock rooms will have us believe that storing shoes in a cardboard shoe box or in an airtight plastic wrapping will keep our shoes safe- this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Shoes get damaged if you don’t wear them often. Storing them for more than 6-12 months in tight packaging and/or piled on top of one another can permanently damage them. When shoes are not aired often and are rarely worn, their soles and glue dry out. This can cause the shoe to:

  • Crumble
  • Peel
  • Disfigure
  • Collect dust and mould

Caring for your shoes can increase their longevity, allowing you to add a spring to your step in your favourite pair for a while longer! Whether you’ve spent a couple of thousands on a branded pair or picked a pair of flats from a local market- not having ready access to your shoes directly impacts their life span.  Here are the top few benefits of having a shoe stand:

Find Shoes In A Jiffy 

Are you someone who gets tired of searching for the perfect pair of shoes for the immaculate outfit you’ve chosen for yourself? Or perhaps, you have a child at home notoriously known for misplacing shoes at the worst possible times. Whatever your situation, having a one-stop for all shoes (and preferably at the door), makes life so much easier. Find your favourite pairs easily by neatly organising them in a shoe rack. 


You may not have linked this yet, but, having shoes misplaced within the house can also be the culprit for spreading germs and making the family sick. Our shoes can be dirt magnets, considering they are worn in different places throughout the day. These can easily attract allergens  Having a shoe stand at the door encourages visitors and family members to remove their footwear and change into home slippers exclusively used inside the home.

Keep Your Shoes In Top Condition

We are all guilty of using the same pair of shoes repeatedly This greatly impacts their life span and that of other shoes that do not get to see daylight! Storing shoes in an untidy manner can encourage mould growth and unpleasant odours. Installing a simple shoe rack with plenty of storage can ensure your most expensive shoes have a space to breathe in and out. 

Why Choose Solid Wooden Shoe Racks for Your Home?

Buy a shoe rack online or in a store is a simple task if you have your basic priorities sorted when it comes to this multi-functional foyer furniture. Some of these priorities include interior design themes, storage options, quality, ease of cleaning, and shoe capacity. Most modern homes today opt for a solid wood shoe rack online that gives an earthy welcome to anyone visiting. Some of these even double as foyer furniture when stylishly decorated with entryway mirrors, décor, frames, keyholders, and such. Here are additional reasons for choosing modern solid wood shoe rack designs for your home:

  1. Durability: Wood is a durable material that can last long time. They can withstand the daily wear and tear of shoes being parked and removed. Engineered wood is a great option as it is resistant to splits, cracks, and termites. 
  2. Aesthetics: Wood is a timeless material that can complement any interior theme- be it classic, vintage, or contemporary. 
  3. Variety: Brands like Wakefit have unique designs that can create an excellent focal point in any entryway.

The Best Wooden Shoe Racks For Your Home

  • Standard shoe racks: These are simple designs that come in tiers and have wooden planks. They are open with no doors and can store up to 16 pairs of shoes comfortably, depending on the number of tiers. A wooden chappal stand often comes in this design that hosts all types of shoes, encouraging open ventilation and views.
  • One or two shutter shoe racks: These are sleek, stylish, and clutter-hiding shoe racks made of engineered wood. Typically, these have one or two shutters held by hinges. The biggest advantage of these types of wooden shoe racks is that they keep shoes tucked neatly but can be accessed instantly as well. 
  • Cubbie benches: These are benches that double as shoe storage with multiple cubbies or compartments below. While these are sleek and do not take up much space, they do not offer as much storage solutions as some of the other shoe rack options. 
  • Customised shoe racks: The latest in trends, these can be customised based on your home interior and the storage options required. Choose your favourite colour, material, handle type, drawers, and the right dimensions that can fit your beloved shoes. Get creative and add the latest trend of using grained wood that adds a touch of class and value.

Style your shoe rack in the most quintessentially trending design with simple accessories like a flower vase, framed photo, or even a traditional ottoman next to it to double as extra seating too. Your home entryway speaks 1000 words about your space. Welcome your friends and family into a warm home with a warm, welcoming focal point in the entryway- a unique, durable, and classy design in shoe racks. 


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