The Challenges of Outsourcing Wedding Video Editing

This article sheds light on the challenges faced by wedding videographers when outsourcing the editing process and incorporates real-life experiences shared by a frustrated videographer on Reddit. Additionally, it provides expert insights, community observations, and valuable guidance from industry professionals, offering a comprehensive perspective on navigating the complexities of hiring editors.

The Outsourcing Challenge

The wedding videography industry is experiencing a surge in popularity, as couples yearn to preserve their special moments in beautifully crafted and memorable films. To meet the growing demand and focus on other aspects of their business, many wedding videographers are opting to outsource the editing process. To meet the growing demand and focus on other aspects of their business, the wedding videographer or elopement videographer experts are opting to outsource the editing process.  However, this transition has proven to be a daunting task for some, as exemplified by the harrowing experience recently shared by the owner of a thriving wedding videography business on Reddit. Finding competent and compatible editors has become an uphill battle for this individual.

Traditionally accustomed to editing their wedding films in-house, the videographer decided to explore the potential benefits of outsourcing their projects to professional editors. Filled with enthusiasm, they embarked on this new venture, hoping for a smoother and more efficient workflow. Sadly, their initial excitement quickly transformed into disappointment as they encountered a series of obstacles along the way.

Disappointing Editing Results

The first editor they hired failed to grasp the videographer’s unique style and creative vision. The resulting videos were far from the expected standard, necessitating substantial structural revisions. From mismatched audio tracks to poor shot choices and a lack of color correction, the delivered videos were rendered completely unusable. Frustrated and disheartened, the videographer soon realized that outsourcing the editing process was not the straightforward solution they had initially envisioned.

In an attempt to find a suitable editor, the videographer offered a flat rate of $500 for a 2-4 minute wedding film. With the intention of providing a clear understanding of their style, they shared their YouTube channel, showcasing their previous work. Unfortunately, even with these guidelines in place, the received videos still required extensive revisions. The subsequent back-and-forth communication with both editors only compounded the videographer’s anguish, intensifying their frustration and leaving them at a loss for how to proceed.

Financial Losses and DIY Editing

This nightmarish journey has proven to be a disastrous experience for the videographer, resulting in financial losses on not one, but two separate occasions. Confronted with the reality that outsourcing the editing process was not a viable solution, they were compelled to take matters into their own hands and re-edit the videos themselves.

Lessons for Wedding Videographers

This cautionary tale serves as a stark reminder to wedding videographers who have ventured into the realm of hiring editors. It highlights the importance of exercising caution, conducting thorough research, and setting realistic expectations before entrusting the creative vision of wedding films to external editors. Clearly defining expectations, establishing open lines of communication, and setting appropriate rates are crucial factors that can help avoid the pitfalls encountered by this videographer.

Insights from the Reddit Community

As the story of this wedding videographer’s struggle with hiring editors unfolded on Reddit, it caught the attention of fellow users who offered their insights and opinions on the matter. Let’s delve into some of the notable comments and observations made by the community, shedding light on industry standards and potential solutions to the editing challenges faced.

One user astutely pointed out that the offered rate of $500 may be considered low for a professional editor’s single day rate, depending on the location. They emphasized that the time invested in editing a wedding film should be taken into consideration, and that quality often aligns with the price. This observation underscores the significance of understanding industry standards and the expectations associated with pricing.

Another user resonated with the concept of “you get what you pay for.” They suggested that experiencing similar issues with two different editors may necessitate reconsidering the budget and expectations. Their advice to the videographer was to either invest more in hiring editors who are a better fit for their business or reevaluate their overall approach.

The extensive amount of footage sent to the editors sparked a discussion among users. One user highlighted the significant time and effort required to sift through 300GB of 1080 video, potentially hindering the editor’s ability to find the desired shots. They proposed that providing detailed notes or preselecting key segments could streamline editing and yield improved results.

Building upon this point, another user stressed the importance of offering more comprehensive guidance and preparing the footage before assigning the project. They emphasized providing labeled shots, outlines, scripts, or even handling aspects like color correction to alleviate the editor’s workload and facilitate a smoother collaboration.

These valuable insights shared by the Reddit community shed light on various aspects of the videographer’s experience, including pricing considerations, contractual obligations, and workflow improvements. They serve as valuable lessons for wedding videographers facing similar challenges in the editing process.

FAQ: Expert Advice from Briden&

The recent story of a wedding videographer’s nightmarish experience with hiring editors highlights the importance of seeking guidance from industry experts who understand the intricacies of wedding film editing. That’s where Briden& comes in.

What is the traditional hiring process for an editor?

The traditional hiring process for an editor often involves reviewing their portfolio, assessing their skills and experience, and conducting interviews to gauge their understanding of your creative vision. Finding an editor who aligns with your style and has a track record of delivering high-quality work is essential.

Are editors typically offered a flat rate or paid hourly?

The compensation structure for editors can vary depending on various factors, including the scope of the project, and the editor’s experience. While some videographers opt for a flat rate, others may choose to pay editors on an hourly basis. It is important to have transparent discussions about compensation and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. In Briden& we have several wedding video editing options to suit your needs and pricing. 

How much footage is too much?

The amount of footage can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements. However, it is crucial to strike a balance. Providing editors with excessive footage can be overwhelming and hinder their ability to find the best shots. On the other hand, insufficient footage may limit their creative options. Clear communication and selecting the most relevant and important shots can help optimize editing.

What does clear direction look like?

Clear direction involves effectively communicating your vision and expectations to the editor. It includes providing detailed briefs, sharing references, and being specific about desired outcomes. The clear direction also encompasses open and ongoing communication throughout the project, allowing for feedback, clarification, and addressing any concerns promptly. This ensures that the editor understands your goals and can execute them effectively.

What’s the standard practice upon receiving a ‘bad’ video?

Receiving a video that does not meet your expectations can be disheartening. The standard practice in such situations is to approach the editor in a professional and constructive manner. Start by providing specific and detailed feedback, outlining the areas that need improvement. Collaborate with the editor to explore possible solutions and revisions. Effective communication is key to reaching a resolution that meets your requirements and ensures the final video aligns with your vision.

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