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The Company Store Cool Zzz Pillow has been described. It is made with innovative technologies that will keep your night comfortable and your day active.

Do you want to get a good night’s sleep? You can get the best sleep possible by choosing the right pillow. It will also impact your daily routine, and ultimately, your overall health. Perhaps you aren’t aware of the importance and you haven’t considered the impact that a pillow can make on your daily life.

Although orthopaedic pillows are a common topic, the Cool Zzz Pillow is another popular pillow in the United States. Continue reading to find out more about Cool Zzz Pillow at The Company Store.

What does the product mean?

As we all know, bad sleep at night has a huge impact on our day. We feel sleepy, tired and less productive. With the help of cutting-edge technology the pillow can keep you cool on hot summer nights.

Cool pillows can help you if your nights are hot and uncomfortable. These pillows will not make your summer heat worse, contrary to what their name suggests.

Company Store Cool Zzz Deluxe Pillow

Zzz Deluxe Pillow in White, which regulates temperature. Available in standard (20*26in), queen 20*30in and king sizes (20*36in). The final product is a deluxe pillow that combines three technologies:

  • The outer section is made from 100% cotton sateen which repels moisture to keep you dry during the night.
  • The liner absorbs excess heat to help cool your body.
  • Special fibre filler supports head and neck movement, providing comfort in any position.

Care for your skin:

Machine wash cool with non-chlorine bleach

Do not iron the product.

Everhome Premium white Down Pillow

You will feel so energized after a good night’s sleep that you can wake up ready to tackle the next day. This product’s additional firm support helps to bridge the gap between head and shoulder, which enhances your sleeping experience. The pillow features a 700-fill power White duck down fill.

The cover is removable, machine washable (dry dry clean) and has 400 thread count. Fabric fibre is 50% cotton/50% Tencel; the cover material, however, is 100% cotton. Filler is 100% duckdown. Moreover, this product is certified by OEKOTEX STANDARD100.

What does the public think about the products.

People may have many questions after learning about Cool Zzz Pillow. What are the reliability and ease of use? These questions can all be clarified by the helpful reviews from customers.

One user said that the white down pillows are both firm and soft. The product is still relatively new so we aren’t able to find any more reviews.


The ideal pillow should support your head and neck as you sleep, keep heat from escaping, and keep sweat and heat away. The CompanyStore Cool Zzz Pillow has innovative technologies embedded. Make your night more comfortable. Click the link below to order the pillow .

Are you looking for the best pillow to elevate your sleep? Leave a comment below to share your opinions about such products.

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