The Connection Between Substance Abuse & Mental Illness

In the present age, the topic of the relationship between substance abuse and mental illness has grabbed the attention of people very much. This relationship is considered very complicated and delicate as there is a very thin line between substance abuse and mental illness. This makes it difficult to distinguish them.

Now we will try to find the ways through which we can understand the thin line and examine the impact of one on another. In short, we will go through the relationship between them and try to gain the fruitful benefits from this understanding that way impact the individual life in a positive manner.

How are they related:

As we told earlier that there is a very thin line between them. So we should try to understand how they relate to each other.

  1. Tendency of co-occurring:

Both substance use dual diagnosis treatment los angeles and mental illness co-occur with each other. As a person who uses substances although he is aware of his disadvantages but still using them. Ultimately results happen in the form of mental illness.

How often does it happen?

Many studies have been conducted yet the unusual propagation of substance use among people. The very significant cause that is determined by these researches shows that a person who is addicted to substance use often goes through psychiatric issues.

In the conducting of surveys in the USA, This fact came out that up to 37% and 53% of the respondents were suffering from mental illness.

Following is the statistics of morbid substance use disorders.

  1. 24% of individuals with personality disorders.
  2. 32% of individuals with mood disorders.
  3. 42% of individuals with schizophrenia.

. A person who remains dependent on marijuana is more likely to be addicted to another form of substance use which may even distort his/her health like cocaine and alcohol.

From the research, it has been noticed that the co-occurrence of mental and substance use even more disorders is, even more, higher among those who reside in rehabilitation centres.

Substance abuse may cause mental illness

As it is mentioned earlier Substance abuse and mental illness closely related to each other. Here we will delve into how substance abuse leads to mental illness and in which manner.

When a person uses cannabis the risk of psychological disorders increases to a considerable rate of risk. The rate of risk usually depends on the dose of that a person is taking.

Additionally, many other psychotropic symptoms can emerge like extreme anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc.

Moreover, the use of certain psychoactive substances can change the DNA and a person’s heredity characteristics as well. His/Her genes may also be prevailing representing that mental illness and substance use share a common cause.

Substance Abuse May Be an Attempt to Escape the Symptoms of Mental Illness

Many individuals who struggle with me­ntal illnesses such as depre­ssion, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ofte­n turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to escape their symptoms. The­ intense fee­lings of sadness, fear, or emotional pain can be­come overwhelming, driving the­m towards seeking comfort in substances. Howe­ver,alcohol treatment programs los angeles it is crucial to understand that substance abuse­ is not a healthy or effective­ long-term solution for managing mental illness. In fact, it te­nds to worsen the symptoms and can lead to a de­trimental cycle of depe­ndency and further dete­rioration of mental health. By recognizing the­ underlying motivations behind this behavior, we­ gain insight into the intricate connection be­tween mental illne­ss and substance abuse.

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Share a Common Cause

There is much evidence prevailing that resents that mental illness and substance use and share a common cause.

Substance Abuse and Mental illness Maintain Each Other

As earlier it is mentioned that both substance abuse and mental illness co-occur side by side, in a similar run there is many examples where it is usually diagnosis populations were observed in which both disorders and drug addiction treatment center play a significant role in maintaining it.

For example:

There are many people who are suffering from psychotronics issues so they realise it and and start to take substances and use them as a self-medication.

However, the continuous use of psychiatric substances proved delicate and there happened the replacement of psychiatric disorders.

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