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The Coruñés That Makes Hollywood Tremble

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If you happen to say in Los Angeles that you know a certain Mario Lavandeira, no one will listen to you. But if you clarify that it is the real name of Pérez Hilton, the American blogger who reaches millionaire audience levels on the Internet by revealing the dirty laundry of the American star system, things change.

Mario Lavandeira, of Coruña origin, has been shaking the Hollywood celebrity for years with a blog of hustles that raised him to the top of pink journalism on the net with a media alter ego, Pérez Hilton (an obvious play on words in Latin code with the billionaire celebrity Paris Hilton ) that Forbes placed for three years at the top of its list of the most famous people on the Internet, where it reached more than eight million daily visits.

Pérez Hilton, who maintains channels on all social networks, has become even more viral worldwide in recent days when he was banned for life from the TikTok platform for his explosive and acid revelations about some movie and music stars. The blogger of A Coruña origin has taken this exile with sarcasm and even as an advertising opportunity. “I don’t like being told no, but I also love being the center of attention,” he replied, not before blaming his expulsion on celebrity pressure.

Mario Lavandeira has had in recent years the power to endorse and sink careers in Hollywood. There is no famous night out in Hollywood that Pérez Hilton does not know about  and reproduce instantly on the internet thanks to the web of informants that he has managed to weave and that keeps him up to date in real-time of the slightest slip. “The secret is very simple,” says the controversial Mario Lavandeira. “I write what many think, but no one says out loud. I don’t shut up when it comes to talking about how certain characters drink too much, are promiscuous, or deny their own homosexuality (Lavandeira is also a gay icon in Los Angeles ). I don’t care if they are such influential characters as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, Cruise, or Victoria Beckham (who was seen publicly caramelized with Lavandeira despite calling her alien) I’m like Madonna, I don’t care if I offend ”.

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Born in Miami in 1978, to Cuban parents and grandparents from A Coruña, Mario Lavandeira has traveled to Spain on several occasions since it is his “second preferred country.” She keeps family in Madrid, but on some occasion, she took the opportunity to get to know A Coruña, which is where “my family came from”: “I no longer have anyone there, I am descended from Coruña emigrants who arrived in Havana at the beginning of the 20th century and managed to make your way into the world of commerce. Later, they went to the United States when Fidel arrived. I was always curious to know my land of origin and the Galicia I found was the same as the Cuban writer living in New YorkÓscar Hijuelos (also of Galician origin) described in the English edition of his novel Los Reyes del mambo sing love songs: a land of mists and legends. But under that aura of mystery, it is a place where people know well how to enjoy themselves ”.

The blogger of Coruña origin, considered the first influencer entirely born on the internet, this year published an explosive biography, My Life in the scandal, in which he covers his controversial media career since 2004 when his blog earned the label of ” the most hated in Hollywood. ” The book promises to become a cult object for fans of film mecca gossip, there are even many who compare it to classic Hollywood Babylon, written in the 1950s by journalist Kenneth Anger. In these years, Lavandeira has had countless lawsuits with celebrities, such as the actor Colin Farrel or Isaiah Washington., who was temporarily removed from the Grey’s Anatomy series after revealing his homophobic comments in private. He had a unique love-hate relationship with many of these celebrities. This is the case of Britney Spears, who also took him to court, but who previously opened the concerts of her Circus tour with an irreverent video of Lavandeira disguised as Queen Elizabeth. Or Lady Gaga, who for years was his inseparable friend and who is now not spoken to.

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