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The Difference Between Sativa, Feminized, and Autoflower Seeds

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When planning to grow cannabis, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made before purchasing the first seeds. Growers must decide if they want Sativa, Indica, or even a hybrid. They must also understand the difference between seeds, such as whether they are feminized or auto-flower seeds. This guide will help differentiate the various types of seeds available.

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid

The first thing that needs to be determined is what type of plant the grower wants. These different types of plants provide different types of “highs” when consumed. Fortunately, American cannabis seeds come in a variety of options so that growers can get the exact type of plant they want.

Sativa is a plant that offers what is described as a head high. Sativa is known to provide a more invigorating and uplifting high. Many people find that Sativa is best for reducing anxiety and stress. Indica, however, offers users a full-body high. It offers an intensely relaxing effect and is known to reduce nausea and pain. It is also known for increasing a person’s appetite.

There are also hybrid options that provide a mix or balance between both Sativa and Indica. These hybrids can vary greatly, depending on the goal of the farmer. Some can be more Sativa dominant or Indica dominant or provide an even balance between the two types. Some people are very familiar with certain popular hybrids, such as Pineapple Express and Purple Haze.

What are Feminized Seeds?

As with most plants, there are male plants that produce pollen and female plants that produce flowers. In the cannabis plants, the male plants are only beneficial for breeding purposes. For the cannabis crop, they do not produce the “bud” needed to get the consumable products cannabis is known for. In many cases, cannabis farmers spend a lot of time removing male plants from their farms.

Female plants produce the bud and also hold the majority of the THC. Feminized seeds produce only female plants. For farmers, having only feminized seeds will ensure a fuller crop each season. Feminized seeds are also a great option for those just starting in the cannabis-growing game.

What are Auto-flower Seeds?

In general, cannabis plants need a certain amount of day-to-night light changes to begin flowering. Flowering is necessary for harvesting the buds of the plant. Auto-flower plants do not need light change and produce flowers much more quicker than a typical strain. Many people report that they can often get two harvests at the same time while other plants produce one.

Auto-flower seeds make it easier for new growers to get a yield faster. These plants are hardier and can be grown almost anywhere. Growers can even keep them under grow-lights 24 hours a day. However, these plants do have some drawbacks.

Auto-flower seeds tend to have lower levels of THC, but they have a very high CBD level. The high CBD makes them perfect for medicinal uses. These plants also are smaller and have a lower yield than other plants. However, with their ease of growth, more plants can be planted to provide larger, quicker crops.

Fortunately, there are auto-flower seeds that are available in the feminized form. Growers can choose this option to create a fast-growing crop of all female plants. For the beginner, this option allows for a successful crop without complications. By using these seeds, growers can build some much-needed experience before attempting more difficult plants.

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