The Evolution of Event Marketing: From Social Media to AR

Digital marketing is evolving with the new technology used in the event industry. Event marketing has seen a dramatic shift from social media marketing to augmented truth marketing over the past decade.

We will be discussing how event marketing technology has changed the process. This includes what event technology is and which tech trends are most important in event marketing. This information should be able to help you keep up with your event marketing game.

  • What is event technology?
  • Event marketing trends for 2023
    • Augmented Reality Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • What are the advantages of technology in event marketing
    • Augmented Reality Marketing: Benefits
    • Social Media Marketing Benefits

What’s event technology?

As technology advances, event technology trends are evolving and adapting rapidly. The advancements in event technology equipment allow for improvements in many areas of the event industry, including event planning and event marketing.

It is crucial to stay on top of current trends in event technology for success in the industry. Adopting the most relevant event technology trends will give you an edge as an event planner and event marketer.

Virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality are having a moment in the industry. Virtual reality (VR) is used to host virtual events. Virtual reality events allow key speakers to deliver their talks as 3D avatars on VR sets. This gives event planners more options and gives them more scope for engaging attendees. It is also a game changer for remote and hybrid events. We will also explore AR’s potential for event marketing.

Event Marketing: Trends in Event Technology 2023

Augmented reality marketing and social media are two of the most important forms of event marketing that have been facilitated by advancements in event marketing equipment.

Augmented Reality Marketing

AR marketing is the integration of augmented reality technology in your marketing strategy and content. Augmented reality can be a powerful marketing tool because it adds a personal touch to your marketing and can help increase client engagement.

AR takes your marketing materials, such as event flyers, to the next level. Potential attendees can scan your event flyers using their mobile phones to get more information or go straight to a registration page.

You can also use augmented reality at trade shows and conferences to showcase your products or businesses. An AR app can be used to show the entire category of your products or services. It is not limited to the items you are physically presenting at an event. The app can be linked to your products and you can send your clients directly to the checkout while they browse.

Augmented reality offers a unique experience that’s invaluable for event marketing. The more you get to know your clients, the easier it is to keep them coming back to you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is crucial for event success. Event attendees check social media regularly for information about the events they are interested in attending. Potential attendees can also find out more information about the event through social media, making it a more interactive experience.

Social media marketing is rooted in market and customer research. This includes identifying the type of social media your clients use, what kind of content they consume, and what content formats they prefer.

After conducting the proper research, social media can be used to promote interaction, hosting giveaways, deadline reminders, and promotions for your events.

You can repackage social media content (such as photos and videos taken during an event) to promote future events and highlight your company’s successes.

Social Media Marketing

  • Product exposure

Social media marketing is a great way to present your brand’s image and identity. You can establish a strong brand identity by sticking to a consistent theme in your social media posts. Your brand identity will help you to be easily identifiable by your audience and more memorable for potential clients.

  • Build relationships with clients

A solid social media presence can help you build a relationship with clients, both old and new. You can invite your clients to an event by inviting them via social media outreach. This will allow you to establish a positive relationship with them and help to develop your relationship.

  • Establish your credibility

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool to show your brand’s credibility. To demonstrate the educational value of your events, you can upload content like recorded speeches and speeches, reflective blogs, and infographics.

  • Customer research

Social media can be more than a tool to help clients find out about you. It can also be used by you to learn useful information about your client. It is possible to see which clients are most active in your event posts, and what type of information they like to receive from you.

We hope you found this article helpful in assisting your event marketing.

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