The Five Cheapest Ursus Knife Skins in CS:GO

The Ursus knife is one of the most eye-catching skins in CS:GO. It has a full tang, faceted edge, and impact pommel. The skin is based on the real-life blade of a well-known American brand, Gerber. The model is named Prodigy Tanto Knife. Real-life people use this survival blade mainly for hunting. But sometimes, the knife is also applied for military purposes. It’s because the model has a simple and reliable structure, high penetrating properties, as well as the ability to inflict lacerations. Such features make the blade extremely effective for a fight.

CS:GO fans like Ursus knives so much that almost all of them are ready to buy such skins. However, gamers frequently don’t have much money to purchase costly blades. It’s especially true for beginners who therefore look for inexpensive models. Experts advise purchasing or exchanging Ursus knife skins on reputable sites to avoid paying over the odds. .

Which Models of Cheap Ursus Knives Do Skilled Players Advise?

Our specialists consider the opinions of skilled CS:GO players and online game experts, as well as information on reputable gaming portals when creating the rating. The noted prices are taken from authoritative marketplaces.

Ursus Knife | Boreal Forest

It’s the most inexpensive knife on the list. It was released in 2016. These knives’ prices start at $80. The blade’s edge is covered by a finish in camouflage style and khaki shades. Such a design allows players to boost their morale during the gaming process.

Features of the Forest DDPAT Blade

This weapon also has an edge painted in khaki tones, but the pattern is pixelated here. Gamers can buy this skin for $81 so the knife isn’t much more expensive than the previous model. The described blade may be unboxed from the Horizon or Danger Zone cases. The skin appeared in CS:GO in August 2016.

What Should Be Known about the Damascus Steel Knife?

Developers created the knife within the “Seeing the Light” update and it appeared in March 2018. Presently, the skin’s value is $101+.  The model stands out for its exciting look due to the blade’s edge being made from iridescent polished steel. Moreover, the handle has a stylish corrugated rubber braid. Such features make the skin just incredible.

Safari Mesh Blade

This skin has a stylish matte edge and a solid color handle. Thus, this model is suitable for minimalism lovers. The lowest price of the skin equals $83. Such a price  makes the knife one of the cheapest in the category of Ursus knives.

Features of the Urban Masked Knife

This knife has the same price as the previous one. The developers created it as part of the “A New Horizon” update. The main skin’s theme includes different gray shades. Such a color palette makes the knife extremely stylish.

So, Which Kind of Ursus Knife Is Best?

All listed knives have the same destruction effectiveness. Therefore, CS:GO fans should only consider their personal tastes. On reputable platforms, the necessary model of the Ursus knife is easy to find by:

  • using filters (this way, the gamers can sort blades by newness, condition, etc);
  • applying the search bar (here, players may directly enter the name of the skin);
  • browsing the catalog of available variants (the items usually have images and detailed descriptions).

Moreover, the authoritative platforms frequently offer advantageous discounts on Ursus knives.


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